Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Luckiest girl ever

This very gorgeous specimen - i have had my eye on in a local antique and homewares store for some time now and i may have mentioned it a few times *sigh* ok alot of times to my Mr Right. 

Christmas Day came and went, and it is nothing out of the ordinary for us not to exchange gifts with each other - saving it for the girls and also for our birthdays. I accepted that the gorgeous *sigh again* birdcage would not be mine that day but i would over the coming months find a way to make him mine..I seriously had a bird cage crush and i needed to make it mine.. I drove past him everytime i filled the car with gas and sighed, i showed the big girls as we lunched next door to the shop and we all sighed, i showed my little girls as we walked past and they sighed - "it is soooo pretty mummy and will look nice in our new house", i showed my Mr Right as we walked past one day and he baulked at the price. I explained carefully to him how money is no object for something just so unique and well... just pretty.

Anyway he GOT it - my love for that birdcage, and he surprised me two days after Christmas.. When he walked in lugging that birdcage i almost fell at his feet.. Bless him for being so thoughtful, for being mine and for making that birdcage mine....

Grandad visited today and asked whether I was getting a canary for it - he looked puzzled when I explained i didn't want a bird I just wanted the cage and perhaps it might sit upon a gorgeous side table in the entrance of our new home...

I can see it - can u???
I know it will bring a big smile to my face as i walk in the front door and i know the girls so get it too... It will bring a smile to Mr Rights face too - as he will feel so proud of himself that he surprised me and brought so much joy to me with .....a birdcage... crazy i know...

When i find a better spot for him - ill take some better snaps - but i just had to share it!

Melissa xx

Christmas Time

Amelia's drawing of the cow giving birth on Christmas Day - she explained the baby is still in its special sack..
There were so many amazing things that happened this Christmas but above all sharing in not one but two births of calves was more than we could of asked for on Christmas Day. Christmas morning after opening all the goodies under the tree from Santa, the kids, Luke and I walked down the big hill to get some fresh milk for our new babies - kindly donated by farmer S for the girls to adopt.

The girls quickly named them "patches and Spotty" and amicably settled which was which in terms of temporary ownership... We delighted as we watched them settle very quickly into their little paddock, bouncing around and playing before retiring into a little shed full of fresh hay.. The temptation was too much for the girls who promptly joined patches and spotty for a snuggle in the hay... The girls have been great with the responsibility of feeding them and have not complained - much... about trudging up and down the hill twice a day to fetch their milk.

So we went off on Christmas morning to get their milk and happened to catch some birthing action... We all watched intently and Farmer C safely delivered a gorgeous big baby boy..

A little graphic but what an experience!! The girls ran and hid for some of it but watched almost the whole birth in anticipation and then we chatted about the birth of baby Jesus as we lugged the milk up the hill for our babies.. Once all the guests arrived for Christmas dinner, we relayed the excitement!!! It was final - everyone was keen for another viewing if the opportunity arose.. I promptly asked Farmer S to let us know if there was to be another birth - and before long we had received the call and the entire family - red wine and glasses in  hand - headed down the hill to watch another birth... The kids all stood up on the gate and watched intently as the adults formed a somewhat swaying viewing gallery in the back stands. We all watched wide eyed and before too long we had witnessed another Christmas Day birth!! We then went on to enjoy a great meal, lots of wine and giggles... It was such a warm and fuzzy experience that we enjoyed as a family - or perhaps that was the red wine?? Anyway, i thought it certainly added a country flavor to our family Christmas..
                                               Mummy and baby Lucky as the girls named him..

Thanks for reading - i hope everyone enjoyed the time with family and friends as much as we did

Melissa xxxx

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa is on his way

Merry Christmas to all!! I am as organised as i am ever going to be this year and what feels like a very disorganised state..I have to admit it has not been the usual couple of weeks leading up to the big day..Having alot of my things still in boxes has made it difficult to indulge in all the usual Christmas pleasures - crafting, baking, and prettying up the house.
On the day before Christmas we:
♥ Shopped for all the fresh food supplies to feed our lovely family on the big day
♥ Made Reindeer food and sprinkled on the lawn to guide their way
♥ Met a very big resident blue tongue lizard that came out to sun himself and scared Charlotte as she scootered past
♥ Met a tiny little frog that thought our toilet floor seemed like a cool place to stop
♥ Made Santa a very simple little snack of cookies and milk
♥ Wrote Santa a special note before bed - Charlotte used a yellow highlighter so u cant read what it says - but she asks Santa if he thinks she and Milly have been good with a tick box yes or no - sweet!!

Merry Christmas everyone - enjoy this special time with your little ones, family and friends..

Melissa xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Race Day

We were invited to attend the very first local annual billy cart race..At first, Mr Right researched billy carts on ebay - looking for the speediest one he could find, then he thought he may try his hand at putting one together - we visited a local junk yard to scope out materials...Then in the end - i just borrowed the billy cart from work and with a few minor repairs (a new nut) we were ready to race.
The girls thought it was fabulous! Charlotte was happy that there was an older girl to play with and was happier walking and talking big girl stuff. Milly thought the carts were much more fun, she went up and down that hill close to a dozen times, and even chauffered her little kinda buddy that was a little hesitant down a couple of times too..Once the daddys saw how much fun the kids were having - of course they were in on the action...
It was such a fun afternoon - no casualties either (and by looking at the hill you will understand my surprise!). So my hot tips for others that may like to organise and be a serious contender in the street billy cart race - bike tyres are by far the best and fastest, a helmet is a must, brakes are definately an added advantage and a cushion for the seat would also be welcomed....

Bush Dance

To celebrate the end of the school year, Charlotte's new school holds a bush dance in the local hall. The kids practised every day for the last week of school and had quite a repertoire of dances up their little sleeves on the night. Charlotte is pictured here with her little dance partner and her big smile. She danced with that smile on her face all night and absolutely lost herself in the moments!! It was a sheer joy to watch - my big girl confident enough to let go and just love the experience, and all the other children doing the same..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas ! Finally...

Apologies in advance for the quality of the photo, i was playing with the camera on the i phone and this was the best photo i could get of the tree. The farmhouse lounge is very dark so i couldnt get a shot i was happy with - but you get the picture... We hunted for days through the boxes to find the Christmas decorations and bought some more just in case we couldnt find them - but the determination paid off... So we have a flying creature theme - you may not be able to see properly but we have birds and butterflies and a few of the home made clay decorations...

Charlotte mid way decorating the tree.. Santa hat and blaring carols to boot xx
Milly was much more interested in reindeer races to the carols, whilst Santa looked on xx

Merry Christmas !! The excitement is building in this house... Last day of school tomorrow concluded with a bush dance send off...

Melissa xx

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Every year we try to do some sort of Christmas making, and this year we were inspired by an article in December issue of Home Beautiful on how to make ceramic decorations.

I took myself off to Spotlight in search of some white clay and bought the "Jovi" white modelling clay for $14.95. It does appear a little blue in the pics as it is until it dries white. The clay was fairly easy to roll out using the trusty old rolling pin, however a bit tricky for little hands, so that was mumma's job. But the girls loved using their cookie cutters to cut out lots of christmasy and not so christmasy shapes..

We then used a skewer to poke a hole up the top of the shapes that we will thread some ratten or ribbon through. I also used some crochet doilies to press some lovely shapes into the clay, the girls pressed in jewels, their finger prints and today we will stamp some..


These photos are from when the clay is wet therefore still blue - ill post some pics of the finished product.

We decided we could use some as special gift tags for Christmas and the rest will hang on the tree...I think they have turned out well and was at least an hours fun for the girls and i and the the least bit messy... We used baking paper to roll the clay out on and then cut the shapes on - wa la!!!!

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The PERMIT went in today

Awwww - I could just jump for joy!! Today Mr right put all the things we needed in for the permit to be processed - except one engineers report, but nethertheless the ball has well and truly started to roll!! I am so happy that we acheived this milestone ( even though one little report still needs to be added before it can be approved)...It has honestly felt like the process to date has been so drawn out - especially for me, the single most impatient being that roams the earth... Unrealistically I know, I assumed that we would move out here and this gorgeous big white full verandahed beauty would just grow out of that luscious green hill, without a hiccup.... Needless to say it hasnt - YET, but i will not give up hope....

Not too much to ask for - just to spring out of the hill???
We enjoyed miss amelia's kinda concert last night! For hours before the concert she would state randomly "I'm nervous" however with some gentle encouragement she took to the stage with gusto....... well almost and we all delighted in her confidence. Not one to enjoy the spotlight - she nailed her parts however informed me afterwards that she was nervous about singing too much. She also wiggled her way around on stage for awhile before her sweet teacher noticed she needed desperately to go to the toilet - disaster averted.. Photos to come!!

Miss Amelia also enjoyed orientation day at school this week for half a day. Mumma became slightly unhinged at the sight of my two sweet girls dressed in matching uniforms, the tears swelled as they scootered off up the hill together, only for me to wipe the tears and meet them at school. Charlotte was the ultimate big sister and took great pride in looking after her little sister - it just makes you so proud to watch them together!! Anyway, Amelia loved school, and Charlotte loved having her there and when I picked her up, I asked her, "how was school??" and she exclaimed calmly, "very good, I learnt how to read".. Bless xx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

fresh moos

Isnt she just gorgeous - just a few hours old!! Still very wobbly on her feet and sucking reflex not even kicked in yet... The most stunning eyes and long jet black eyelashes, she sent our hearts a flutter, we named this one bambi, she definately looks more like a deer than a calf.
This one arrived today also, we watched her feed and stumble around the pen for a while on her wobbly little legs. We thought her hair do was just so sweet !! Three new arrivals today - i wonder what the morning will bring!!

Farmer C is keeping her eye out for the cutest one of all to bring up to the house, so we can feed and love her so!!

We marked some eggs with black texta today as we have a brooooody hen.. The girls are ever so excited that in three weeks time (just in time for Christmas) they will have their own little baby chooki...Fingers crossed mummy hen keeps those little eggs nice and toasty.. Charlotte informed me on the way to school that if her baby hen is brown she will call it "brownie", if it is fluffy, she will call with "fluffy", and if it is cute - she will call it "cutie".. Makes sense, i bet a fiver that it gets named cutie!!! Milly thought it was quite fantastic that her little friend Scarlett named her new baby guinea pig "poo poo", so whats the bet we also have a "poo poo"!!!

Thanks for reading xx Melissa

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THE 5th birthday party

Ok miss Jacquie - here it is....
We celebrated the littlest ones 5th birthday recently, i wont carry on with the usual rants, we all know time flies when you are having fun lapping up every moment of your little cherubs lives.. But seriously - i really can't beleive that she is 5 - it honestly does feel like such a short time ago that she safely arrived into my awaiting arms. Any how - what a stunning day of fabulous sunny weather for the party, lots of friends, cake and sugar!!
We had so much fun playing tug o war
Bubble treasure hunt

Big birthday blow xx

Happy birthday my sweet cheeks xxxx
Just quickly - other news from the farm
  • We have fresh moo cows and plenty more on the way before Christmas!! The girls have loved giving them their bottles..
  • Charlotte's school musical was so amazing, her confidence blew me away and i even suffered some sneaky mumma tears - never prepared, i had to borrow the kleenex from mum
  • Charlotte has a CD of the musical songs and i am so in love with listening to the two girls sing their little souls out!
  • The chooks have lice - ewwwww but have been treated by miss farmer C
  • The kitten has ring worm - more ewwwwww but has also been treated by miss armer C
  • We picked up Ameila's school uniform and bag today - very exciting!!
  • Almost ready to put in all the things for the permit for the house, we were almost there but realised we needed an engineer report - crap!! I WILL have the permit in before Christmas
  • We dragged the Christmas tree out from storage and will decorate soon
  • There are more things but i wont bore you until tomorrow.....
Thanks for reading ( hope you enjoyed your cuppa Jac xxxxx)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our baby girl is turning 5

Our baby girl is turning five in the morning  - it is such a cliche' but the time has flown and i can remember, feel and visualise this moment as if it was yesterday.
The first time we laid eyes on her perfect little face, big brown eyes and mop of dark hair, she held my finger so tightly with her little warm blue hands.
She has grown into the most vivacious, warm, caring and engaging little soul. Her love for animals and caring nature astounds me. Asked what she would like us to buy her for her birthday she answers "a big fluffy dog" and for those who know her well, would just smile and nod. Such a simple request - maybe next year sweetness but for now she is so content with her growing collection of stuffed animals and the real ones that surround us on the farm.
She has grown into a confident and humerous little thing that is ever so ready to take the next big step - to join her big sister at school. Thats a whole other blogi - coming soon!!

Little munchkin
So THE party is Saturday, we shopped for all supplies today and mumma is bracing herself for some sleepless nights baking, decorating the cake and fluffing.

Amelia 2 years

Amelia 3 years
Amelia 4 years

God bless your little cotton socks in your gumboots our sweet girl
We love you all the way to the moon and back

Thanks for reading
Melissa xxx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Look what arrived for us in the post last night - 10 sets of lovely very final plans on white crisp paper!!!

Now to get the building permit and we are off - if only it were that simple - fingers crossed xxxx

Sunday, November 7, 2010

living IN the moment

This here is a photo i took on our recent trip as we walked with the girls on the stunning coastline of NSW - a significant moment.... Symbolic of my decision to live IN the moment and appreciate those moments for what they are and lap up all that they offer me.... I have been known to be too cold, too preoccupied, too hungry and too busy thinking about the next moment to enjoy the one that is happening right before me......
A gorgeous day, two simply divine little girls, a loving husband, stunning scenary, a smile, holidays.....I stopped, i smelt the ocean (yes smelt a faint smell of the ocean!!! - the surgery was somewhat successful!!) i drew a big breathe in and made a very conscious decision....LIVE IN the moment, as those moments pass us by ever so quickly.... And there is my rant for today...

Some pics from that moment and the ones that followed it .......

the sight of the sun through the tree
the sight of my family enjoying THE moment
the sight of the excitement the girls had retrieving a shell from the sand
The decision to live IN the moment was born out of a number of significant moments of late - a big tree change move, the country air??, and inspirational book that i'm currently reading, and reading the plight of an old school friend with a serious illness... Louise's journey is documented in her blog http://mlmdiaries.blogspot.com/  that i have added to my blog love list..What a read - Lou your spirit and strength and abililty to view the hurdles that face you with gusto and a gorgeous positive attitude have inspired me and changed the way i look at the world....My love and prayers are with you xx


We enjoyed Halloween with a group of friends after travelling to Newcastle with the van. We spent the day in the Hunter Valley as they had organised the most fantastic tour of local wineries and then returned home, frocked up and spooked the night away!!

                                  papa krueger and his little witchy poo

cheeky little witch

sweet little witch

Our goulish little friends
mumma witch and her little witches xx
(please note: fake nose on the mumma - just in case you were wondering!!
I had to use a straw for drinking or would have gone very thirsty!!)

Thanks for looking

Melissa xx

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok - so here it is - our pride and joy on paper - someone pinch me quick!!! Housey stuff has been on hold for the past couple of weeks as we were waiting for the bushfire assessment to be completed and low and behold we got it back today and its considered a low bushfire risk area - WE KNOW - have you seen how green the grass is! So full steam ahead from here (fingers crossed anyway). I was straight on the phone to Harkaway Homes (plan subject to copyright) and we will have final plans by next week. Other good news is once we have these, and the owner builder certificate (which i am waiting on) we should be ready to get our building permit.... Fingers, toes, legs & arms crossed that we may be able to put the frame up before Christmas.......So calling for some little prayers and positive energy!!

We are off on another family road trip with the van tomorrow to visit some special friends 11 hours away - girls are not thrilled with the length of the drive, but it will be a great test of patience for all involved to say the least!! We have a Halloween dress up party once we get there - so the little ones are excited about dressing up as little witches - photos to follow I promise!

Also - caught up with a very special friend today Mrs T - put a big smile on my face and made me think how lucky we are to have such lovely friends and family to spend time with xxx And thats my piece of gratitude today!

Thanks for looking

Melissa xxx

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend bliss

Gorgeous weather, family , friends, food and lots of laughs = weekend bliss.....

We had a visit from our very special friends for lunch and a play on the farm. The mummies chatted and the kids played outside in a puddle and with sticks making a bridge for hours... We were lucky enough to watch the cows parade by us on their way up to be milked. They were a little distracted by our smiling faces and giggles - we were the star attraction!!

watching the cows come in
Without a doubt our favourite cow

This ones for you Jac
Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Then we quickly changed into our new party clothes and packed up the car and made our way to aunt deb & lou's, and cousin abbi and lewis for aunt nickers birthday party....We had so much fun that morning a nap on the way was definately in order....bless...

We LOVED Lewis's handmade bird feeder - very clever!

We ADMIRED debbies gorgeous snow ball tree

and we put together a very special cheer leader routine!!

and managed to spend the day in the pool despite it only being spring....

How lucky we are......

Nan and Pops shared a snuggle at the party......in front of the snowballs

and Nicole AKA nickers enjoyed her party immensley....

Wow - what a weekend and most importantly aunt nana AKA Katrina my gorgeous little sister and her partner, bought a HOUSE!!! They have shortlisted and spent every weekend searching and it has finally paid off... So lovely to hear the excitement in her voice xxx Cant wait to share their reno journey - may even post some before and afters!!! Cant resist just posting one little before - stay tuned for the afters xxxxxx