Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THE 5th birthday party

Ok miss Jacquie - here it is....
We celebrated the littlest ones 5th birthday recently, i wont carry on with the usual rants, we all know time flies when you are having fun lapping up every moment of your little cherubs lives.. But seriously - i really can't beleive that she is 5 - it honestly does feel like such a short time ago that she safely arrived into my awaiting arms. Any how - what a stunning day of fabulous sunny weather for the party, lots of friends, cake and sugar!!
We had so much fun playing tug o war
Bubble treasure hunt

Big birthday blow xx

Happy birthday my sweet cheeks xxxx
Just quickly - other news from the farm
  • We have fresh moo cows and plenty more on the way before Christmas!! The girls have loved giving them their bottles..
  • Charlotte's school musical was so amazing, her confidence blew me away and i even suffered some sneaky mumma tears - never prepared, i had to borrow the kleenex from mum
  • Charlotte has a CD of the musical songs and i am so in love with listening to the two girls sing their little souls out!
  • The chooks have lice - ewwwww but have been treated by miss farmer C
  • The kitten has ring worm - more ewwwwww but has also been treated by miss armer C
  • We picked up Ameila's school uniform and bag today - very exciting!!
  • Almost ready to put in all the things for the permit for the house, we were almost there but realised we needed an engineer report - crap!! I WILL have the permit in before Christmas
  • We dragged the Christmas tree out from storage and will decorate soon
  • There are more things but i wont bore you until tomorrow.....
Thanks for reading ( hope you enjoyed your cuppa Jac xxxxx)

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