Thursday, March 24, 2011

This moment....

Standing in what will soon be the living / dining room with big smiles and chattering teeth in todays dreary weather...Happy little faces at the progress today...

Lemons from the tree today

A huge pot of curried pumpkin and lentil soup

Cuddles on the couch, watching the rain come over the big green hills *sigh*

Monday, March 21, 2011

Too true - be adventurous

Image - i am blessed

Life is intriquing me as i grow older wiser...
A daring adventure or nothing - that is exactly as it is!
Be bold, be adventurous and take the bull by the horns, no excuses
Life has thrown us a few little curve balls of late but Mr Right pointed out on the weekend whilst at the local tractor pull, that we are indeed very lucky with our little chickens - they really are very healthy. 
We saw other families with such adversity in their lives and very sick little ones - whats a few itchies?
Very insightful Mr Right!
Little chook is on the improve slightly - chronic hives with no allergies they now tell me...
She is smiling..
We are all smiling today as the beginnings of the floor went down on the house..

Image i am blessed

I love this pic!! Grab your specs and read it twice to make sure you dont miss anything..
I want this on my fridge to remind me every day to be passionate about life, people, sharing and living - and to appreciate that i CAN DO all of these things!

Thats my tired old rant for today

Thanks for reading

Melissa xxx

Thursday, March 17, 2011


While Mr Right is dealing with all the tricky (boring) building stuff like stumps, plumbing, ordering wood, etc i have been busy surfing away finding some inspiration for the more exciting parts of building - kitchen, bathroom, floors, carpet, etc.....

Some of my recent finds for kitchen inspiration....

Monday, March 14, 2011


Image Just be splendid
Enjoyed a girls night in last night with my "buddy" miss T - little spot of shopping, red wine, yummy food, girls talk, movie... What more could a girl ask for ?

" Of all the things that wisdom provides for living ones entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship" "Epicurus..

Thankful for friendship today
Thanks for having me Miss T....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sending some love to Japan

Please God take good care of the people of Japan and all those affected by the horror of mother natures latest work...May they find the love and support in each other that they need to get through the days ahead xxxx

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the dirt moved...

It has started and the ball is rolling quicker than i thought it would. The dirt has been turned, so lovely to see a big patch of brown wet earth in the shape of our soon to be house. Today there are more little wooden pegs bordering the shape of the house and lots of paint marked x's marking the spots that the stumps will soon stick out of. (Dont you just love my technical language!) Thank goodness we have one of Mr Rights mates helping us out with the building and timelines - invaluable when you are owner building and are very far from a trades person..

My little chook is also on the improve after a trip to hospital and some intensive wet bandaging to bring down the itchies! My heart was broken, my body exhausted and i just felt completely helpless -  my little monkey was hurting and exhausted but managed most of it with a sweet smile...I told her i felt sorry for her and would do anything to make it better - her response, " Dont worry about me mummy, i feel more sorry for you because your nose (sinus) will never get better". **sigh**

Out of this awful experience i have tried to take some positives - i am now somewhat of an expert when it comes to allergies and echzema and their treatment, i am surrounded by the most loving and supportive friends and family that have consistently given in terms of support, words of comfort, offers of assistance and i feel blessed. Thanks to everyone that hugged and supported us - what would life be like without the selfless acts if others??
Melissa xx

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home is where the heart is

Image - Just be splendid
We have eight wooden pegs sticking out of the green land in preparation for a site cut!! Woo hooo..... The feeling isnt as intense as i thought - clouded by my little girl still being very unwell with allergies.. But nevertheless still a sense of excitement... Site cut to happen perhaps Monday and from here on in, i have the tedious task of contacting all the tradies we will need and obtaining quotes... I have found so far, much to my surprise that tradies have not joined the rest of us in the world of modern technology = no email = lots of photocopying the plans = snail mail... Who would of thought!

Back to my precious little one - we took ourselves off to the big smoke for some allergy testing a couple of days ago and unfortunately my little one has LOTS of sensitivities - mould, dust mites, chemicals, preservatives, colors, eggs, milk, cheese, salicylates - tomatoes, capsicum, stonefruits, strawberries - just to name a few, and oh yeah - pet hair!!! The poor little thing was almost hospitalised last week however after a big dose of steriods she was on the mend. Steriods completed and you guessed it - very unwell again. We have come to the conclusion that this beautiful old farm house may be the cause of much of her itch - so..... it is on the cards that we may have to move into something a little newer and leave the cows behind for now :(  I have a bag full of goodies from the naturopath, an elimination diet that we have started, and will pack us up to go to mummies this afternoon to give her poor little body a break from the mites... Fingers crossed for me... Just to freak you out - this is what is muching on my baby!!


Thanks for reading, Melissa xx