Thursday, July 5, 2012

Whats been happening....

It has been awhile since my last post...

Here is a collage of some of the things we have been up to...

I have been working on something huge in this time....Me! 

Ha...I have been on one very amazing personal journey that has ultimately led me to encounter some amazing women, some amazing epiphany's and a whole new level of wholeness and happiness..

Throughout this journey I have discovered so much about me, my life, what i want, and what my purpose is.... 

I have probably been searching for some answers about my life purpose for quite some time, just purely from a work point of view but in figuring this out, I have made some other quite astonishing discoveries..

So this explains my lack of posts and for that i apologise....But i can promise that when I am here from now on - I know i can inspire you on so many more levels than i currently have been :)

So.... some inspiration from home as follows:

I have had a number of projects on the go..

Our blackboard organiser that sits in the laundry..Oh so good for a mumma with a full head of info....

I painted the blackboards onto MDF just as I did the girls blackboard for their playroom..

Mr Right hung this one in the kitchen and I couldn't find the right words for it until I stumbled across these ones below that were featured in Home Beautiful - such a lovely mantra...

I posted about this guy... He needed a makeover..

This is the makeover complete... not the best pics but you get the idea.
This is my custom shade of greige I posted about..Charlotte thought it was more a yukky green but it has grown on her..

We finally tiled the kitchen splash back - basic white subway, I contemplated pressed metal before Sophie and Dale from The Block made it famous but decided I may get sick of it...

This pic was taken mid tiling job... When the kitchen is not covered in paper mache glue and clean - I will post a final picture..

 I picked up some awesome jars from the local tip... So I have been fluffing with them..

 I made a soy wax candle into a pretty tea cup that has been collecting dust for years...

Some inspiration from nature as follows:

I had a super awesome encounter with a crazy mushroom and caught it on camera..

I pictured this full moon outside the kitchen window this morning

I have been blessed with these guys showing up all over the place..

and some inspiration - what happens around you when you wake up, work stuff out and become enlightened....


gratitude and happiness...
uninhibited dance and smiles

 self love and appreciation

Spontaneous dance

an outpouring of love

super smiling


and these are just the spontaneous drawings and actions of the girls that i find gracing my house these days.. not that we weren't happy before..but this is just different.

 I wish I woke sooner, move mountains is what i am about to embark on..

Those who know me, know that I have worked with women, children & families for the past decade at the pointy end of trauma and abuse. I have always felt that something was not quite right with my didn't fulfill me in the way that I had hoped, I often wondered if I was just not suited to the work, if I had chosen the "wrong" career path... 

Well, as it turns out, I hadn't, but my experiences so far have been equipping me with the skills, experience and background that I need to step into my purpose.. 
My purpose is to lead and support women and children to discover their true gifts, become empowered and live in true happiness and harmony.

I have been busily writing workshops for women and kiddos on how to reach your highest potential, how to grow super happy kids that are well prepared for what life will deliver them & us...
The workshops are based on a lovely little mix of eastern + western psychology/theory - mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and some traditional psychotherapy tools all rolled up in some super fun and nurturing workshops...

I could blog on forever about this... But I wont - you will hear more but for now I am near launching this baby 

So to those amazing women that have come into my life - I salute you goddesses and thank you for your words of wisdom...

Until soon....

Melissa xx


  1. Wow Melissa, you HAVE been busy and it sounds like you are so positive, enlightened, enthusiastic and inspired and all set to embark on this new journey of yours. The workshops you've been devising sound wonderful - just think of all the girls and women whose lives you will impact upon.

    As for your girls, they are looking as happy as always and how lovely to receive such cute notes from them - I look forward to my girls doing the same for me one day - precious!! And your house - I so love when you share snippets with us. Love the hutch transformation and your subway tiles look great (as much as I have always adored pressed tin, particularly painted one). LOVE your teacup candle and blackboard organiser too!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier too, was so nice to see you back here, I'd been only thinking the other day I hadn't seen you in blogland for a while.

    Have a great end to your week xx

    1. Thanks Amanda for your kind words...Amazing how a little dose of self awareness can change your world...Your girls are growing so fast ! Wont be long before you are blessed with little handwritten notes... Happy to be back in bloggy land, been AWOL for awhile.. Hope your having an awesome weekend..

  2. Hi Melissa, it's been a while! Thank you for your kind comments recently. I've been reading your posts from the last couple of months, it sounds like life couldn't be better! The workshops will be wonderful, I'm sure. You should feel very proud of yourself doing that sort of work, it is very much needed! I've been at the pointy end of trauma and people like you are angels.

    Your home is looking more and more gorgeous and those views are still spectacular! The girls look super happy and their rooms are so lovely. Your blog has lifted my spirits! Rachael xxx

    1. Hi Rachel, Thanks for your words of encouragement, its amazing the effect of kind words.. You have been in my thoughts, I know you have had some sadness recently, I hope that you are beginning to heal.. Hope you smiling and your spirits remain as high as ever xx


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