Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend bliss

Gorgeous weather, family , friends, food and lots of laughs = weekend bliss.....

We had a visit from our very special friends for lunch and a play on the farm. The mummies chatted and the kids played outside in a puddle and with sticks making a bridge for hours... We were lucky enough to watch the cows parade by us on their way up to be milked. They were a little distracted by our smiling faces and giggles - we were the star attraction!!

watching the cows come in
Without a doubt our favourite cow

This ones for you Jac
Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Then we quickly changed into our new party clothes and packed up the car and made our way to aunt deb & lou's, and cousin abbi and lewis for aunt nickers birthday party....We had so much fun that morning a nap on the way was definately in order....bless...

We LOVED Lewis's handmade bird feeder - very clever!

We ADMIRED debbies gorgeous snow ball tree

and we put together a very special cheer leader routine!!

and managed to spend the day in the pool despite it only being spring....

How lucky we are......

Nan and Pops shared a snuggle at the front of the snowballs

and Nicole AKA nickers enjoyed her party immensley....

Wow - what a weekend and most importantly aunt nana AKA Katrina my gorgeous little sister and her partner, bought a HOUSE!!! They have shortlisted and spent every weekend searching and it has finally paid off... So lovely to hear the excitement in her voice xxx Cant wait to share their reno journey - may even post some before and afters!!! Cant resist just posting one little before - stay tuned for the afters xxxxxx

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