Thursday, October 13, 2011

tiles & carpet

tile: Boutique eternity bronzo

Tile pics as promised .....

I was holding off in case I changed my mind - I have had these chosen for some time and have not been able to find anything else that I love as much.... 

White for the walls and the chocolate for the floors and still to choose a stone for the bench tops in the bathrooms... Perhaps the "linen" in the pic above or white??

Is it ever possible to have too much white? White above counter basins, bath, wall tiles.... too much to do the bench tops in white stone too?? What do you think...

The pics don't do the floor tile much justice - it changes color in different lights and has a shiny fleck through it... A sensible choice for a family with three girlies with long dark hair....

Hycraft Ravine 100% wool textured loop in stonewall
The carpet I have chosen above - which is only in the main and guest bedrooms...

I was going to go with the darker one - and I still love it (and have time to change my mind.... mmmm) but I thought it looked a bit red?? What do you think??

Now I'm off to find me someone to lay the tiles.....

A big warm welcome to White Verandah's new followers - so glad your here!
And also a welcome back to those that have been on lovely holidays!!

Thanks for stopping by

Melissa xxx


  1. HI Melissa - I popped over today from Katrina's and I am in LOVE with your house, the perfect plans (I had a sticky beak) that I would one day love! My fiance and I were going to put very similar carpet to the top one in our bedrooms too in our ramshackle farmhouse...but now we're moving and no longer renovating! Cest la vie.

    Come and visit me some time :)

  2. Hi Melissa, I have just stumbled upon your lovely blog! Your house looks like it is going to be gorgeous, you must be so excited! I would love to follow your journey and see how it all turns out. Good luck, bec x

  3. Love all your choices, Melissa! And you've definitely made the right choice not going with white floor tiles. We had them in a rental property, and - as a fellow brunette - it was just awful!

    Can't wait to follow along, and see the end result.

    Sally x

    ps. Your block is just beautiful. Is it South Gippsland? I know the area well, and it looks very familiar!


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