Monday, February 21, 2011

House update

I havn't updated on the house for some time out of frustation!
We have had quite a hold up with the permit, we thought we had it in the bag but then found we needed engineers drawings for the house stumps, which of course took some time to get our hands on....
This week it should be in our hot little hands - stay tuned!
We have been busy organising temporary power, water to the property, escavation, etc..

I'm also contemplating a front fence and trees...Post and rail and manchurian pears??

Or White??

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  1. Oh oh oh - I know this post is from a million years ago but I thought I'd chip in ;)
    I always liked the look of the white post and rail fence, living out my horse stud dreams! But at our old property we had black post and rail entrance, posts were soaked in creasote which apparently is a wee bit dangerous and you can't get it anymore, but the black would rub off on you if the leant on/climbed the fence. We also had manchurian pears and LOVED them, friends also have them up their driveway and are amazing, we would definitely use them again, they're one of our favourites :) Other trees we have planted at our ramshackle farmhouse are a Chinese pistachio which has brilliant autumn colour and we have two giant 60-70 year old horse chestnut trees which are BEAUTIFUL and well suited to grow in Gippsland. Have fun!


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