Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok - so here it is - our pride and joy on paper - someone pinch me quick!!! Housey stuff has been on hold for the past couple of weeks as we were waiting for the bushfire assessment to be completed and low and behold we got it back today and its considered a low bushfire risk area - WE KNOW - have you seen how green the grass is! So full steam ahead from here (fingers crossed anyway). I was straight on the phone to Harkaway Homes (plan subject to copyright) and we will have final plans by next week. Other good news is once we have these, and the owner builder certificate (which i am waiting on) we should be ready to get our building permit.... Fingers, toes, legs & arms crossed that we may be able to put the frame up before Christmas.......So calling for some little prayers and positive energy!!

We are off on another family road trip with the van tomorrow to visit some special friends 11 hours away - girls are not thrilled with the length of the drive, but it will be a great test of patience for all involved to say the least!! We have a Halloween dress up party once we get there - so the little ones are excited about dressing up as little witches - photos to follow I promise!

Also - caught up with a very special friend today Mrs T - put a big smile on my face and made me think how lucky we are to have such lovely friends and family to spend time with xxx And thats my piece of gratitude today!

Thanks for looking

Melissa xxx

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