Thursday, April 28, 2011


As promised, some window pics.. The girls bedrooms windows...

That will have one of these underneath (excuse the photo- i couldnt save it off the computor so i had to take a snap of it on the phone)
The lounge french doors have these windows either side - **sigh**
The lounge french doors sans doors - imagine the stone fire place in between them
Just like this - my breathing has quickened just posting this. I stumbled across this pic the other day which is just as i had imagined and planned the lounge to look... Complete with that chunky aged wood mantle...I just dribbled a little bit!!!
The butlers pantry port hole

The roof is on its way within the next or so, and then the french doors and front door will be hung.. stay tuned for more dribble, erratic breathing and excitement when those babies get themselves on the hinges...

Melissa xxx

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holiday making

Despite the little one not being well, we still managed to fit in a bit of holiday making..

Charlotte decided she wanted to make an owl tshirt - she googled a design and got to work. Her owl sits perfectly perched on a branch and mummy made a quick replica for little sis. I loved watching her intently snipping away and even using the iron herself to fix the owl - clever little bunny x
Easter basket making. The concentration! Lips pursed for cutting - bless x
Finishing touches
Charlotte found a recipe for a home made body scrub in one of her magazines and had been busting to make it - Oats, raw sugar, manderine rind and juice 
A homemade "oven" made by little hands 
Amelia hard at work in the kitchen x
Charlottes bucket on a string cow feeding contraption. Trying to lure the cows to come closer to the fence. I didnt have the heart to break it to her - that i thought they had plenty of juicy green grass just where they were and it was unlikely they would find her feed alternative attractive - ingenius and worth a try though!

School holidays have flown by once again xx 

PS - I have windows, all timber and double hung!!! Stay tuned for photos x

Thanks for reading

Melissa xx

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Babys on the mend

Well, the rollercoaster of the last three months of itching, finally culminated in a trip to the Royal Childrens Hosptial for a couple of days. Well overdue if you ask this mumma, but just in time for Good Friday, which made it all the more bearable...

We got some answers and are still wet bandaging the little one intensively as well as giving her the medicine to get rid of the nasty staph infection - but we are all smiling again, sleeping more peacefully than we were and our little girl is back to her boisterious self compete with rosy cheeks - which have been missing since January..

We have been lucky enought to date, to have avoided coming into contact with the RCH. I was so impressed with the length that the Dr's and nurses went to, to ensure our girl was comfortable and that she had a smile on her face.

We met E.B himself - he said to say Hi to all our friends!!!
Caleb, Holly, Benj, Liv, Indi, etc, etc 

What an amazing time to be in the RCH, meeting so many special people and enjoying a performance by the cast of the musical Hairspray! The cast played and danced with the kids for an hour and were absolutely gorgeous!

Big sister and cousin Indi got to share in the excitement too which was a bonus, we all enjoyed the experience!

We left the hospital a little weary but with big broad smiles - happy that our baby girl got some relief and is smiling with those rosy cheeks again!!

Thanks for reading

Melissa xx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

kitchen love

Yesterday afternoon basked in the warm afternoon sun, this is my kitchen servery window that looks out onto the back verandah (deck & verandah will go out to where you can just see the little wooden pegs on the grass), which is where i will stand at the sink **sigh**

This is the view of the kitchen standing in the dining room - servery window to the right. Two windows above the bench and an island in the middle....

I know this looks like a bunch of match sticks - but this is my vaulted ceiling in the dining room **sighs again**

Just thought i'd share some of my kitchen love xx

Oh the joy a stack of timber can bring a girl...

Roll on next week for some window love!!!

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In the space of six days the house has come a long way!
The frame went up so quickly - one day and we were able to walk through physically instead of in my head!

The boys have been hard at work today on this gorgeous sunny Melbourne day putting the roof trusses up..
I went for a coffee at the local church coffee shop and i came back to this
Oh how my heart jumped and my face lit up as i drove down the hill and was greeted with this picture above bathed in the sun light!!! It is happening and quite quickly at this stage too - windows being delivered next week. I am so excited about seeing my windows - all timber and double hung - oh someone pinch me!!!!!

I will take some photos internally this evening - thank goodness there are no neighbours within coo wee at this stage, they may think im slightly unhinged if they have seen me swanning around my bedroom, popping in and out of the shower, and admiring the view from my kitchen window whilst pretending to do the dishes and wave and smile at the kids playing in their cubby (yet to be constructed) in the back yard.

I am desperate to get my hands into the dirt and may do some planting over the holidays - I'm flicking madly through my Paul Bangay book for inspiration....

Little chook STILL not well, Lord give us strength! I am praying everyday that her little body stops being nasty to itself and starts spreading some love instead of itchies. Oral steroids again as of yesterday for a longer course and lots of fingers and toes crossing..