Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THE 5th birthday party

Ok miss Jacquie - here it is....
We celebrated the littlest ones 5th birthday recently, i wont carry on with the usual rants, we all know time flies when you are having fun lapping up every moment of your little cherubs lives.. But seriously - i really can't beleive that she is 5 - it honestly does feel like such a short time ago that she safely arrived into my awaiting arms. Any how - what a stunning day of fabulous sunny weather for the party, lots of friends, cake and sugar!!
We had so much fun playing tug o war
Bubble treasure hunt

Big birthday blow xx

Happy birthday my sweet cheeks xxxx
Just quickly - other news from the farm
  • We have fresh moo cows and plenty more on the way before Christmas!! The girls have loved giving them their bottles..
  • Charlotte's school musical was so amazing, her confidence blew me away and i even suffered some sneaky mumma tears - never prepared, i had to borrow the kleenex from mum
  • Charlotte has a CD of the musical songs and i am so in love with listening to the two girls sing their little souls out!
  • The chooks have lice - ewwwww but have been treated by miss farmer C
  • The kitten has ring worm - more ewwwwww but has also been treated by miss armer C
  • We picked up Ameila's school uniform and bag today - very exciting!!
  • Almost ready to put in all the things for the permit for the house, we were almost there but realised we needed an engineer report - crap!! I WILL have the permit in before Christmas
  • We dragged the Christmas tree out from storage and will decorate soon
  • There are more things but i wont bore you until tomorrow.....
Thanks for reading ( hope you enjoyed your cuppa Jac xxxxx)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our baby girl is turning 5

Our baby girl is turning five in the morning  - it is such a cliche' but the time has flown and i can remember, feel and visualise this moment as if it was yesterday.
The first time we laid eyes on her perfect little face, big brown eyes and mop of dark hair, she held my finger so tightly with her little warm blue hands.
She has grown into the most vivacious, warm, caring and engaging little soul. Her love for animals and caring nature astounds me. Asked what she would like us to buy her for her birthday she answers "a big fluffy dog" and for those who know her well, would just smile and nod. Such a simple request - maybe next year sweetness but for now she is so content with her growing collection of stuffed animals and the real ones that surround us on the farm.
She has grown into a confident and humerous little thing that is ever so ready to take the next big step - to join her big sister at school. Thats a whole other blogi - coming soon!!

Little munchkin
So THE party is Saturday, we shopped for all supplies today and mumma is bracing herself for some sleepless nights baking, decorating the cake and fluffing.

Amelia 2 years

Amelia 3 years
Amelia 4 years

God bless your little cotton socks in your gumboots our sweet girl
We love you all the way to the moon and back

Thanks for reading
Melissa xxx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Look what arrived for us in the post last night - 10 sets of lovely very final plans on white crisp paper!!!

Now to get the building permit and we are off - if only it were that simple - fingers crossed xxxx

Sunday, November 7, 2010

living IN the moment

This here is a photo i took on our recent trip as we walked with the girls on the stunning coastline of NSW - a significant moment.... Symbolic of my decision to live IN the moment and appreciate those moments for what they are and lap up all that they offer me.... I have been known to be too cold, too preoccupied, too hungry and too busy thinking about the next moment to enjoy the one that is happening right before me......
A gorgeous day, two simply divine little girls, a loving husband, stunning scenary, a smile, holidays.....I stopped, i smelt the ocean (yes smelt a faint smell of the ocean!!! - the surgery was somewhat successful!!) i drew a big breathe in and made a very conscious decision....LIVE IN the moment, as those moments pass us by ever so quickly.... And there is my rant for today...

Some pics from that moment and the ones that followed it .......

the sight of the sun through the tree
the sight of my family enjoying THE moment
the sight of the excitement the girls had retrieving a shell from the sand
The decision to live IN the moment was born out of a number of significant moments of late - a big tree change move, the country air??, and inspirational book that i'm currently reading, and reading the plight of an old school friend with a serious illness... Louise's journey is documented in her blog http://mlmdiaries.blogspot.com/  that i have added to my blog love list..What a read - Lou your spirit and strength and abililty to view the hurdles that face you with gusto and a gorgeous positive attitude have inspired me and changed the way i look at the world....My love and prayers are with you xx


We enjoyed Halloween with a group of friends after travelling to Newcastle with the van. We spent the day in the Hunter Valley as they had organised the most fantastic tour of local wineries and then returned home, frocked up and spooked the night away!!

                                  papa krueger and his little witchy poo

cheeky little witch

sweet little witch

Our goulish little friends
mumma witch and her little witches xx
(please note: fake nose on the mumma - just in case you were wondering!!
I had to use a straw for drinking or would have gone very thirsty!!)

Thanks for looking

Melissa xx