Thursday, December 2, 2010

fresh moos

Isnt she just gorgeous - just a few hours old!! Still very wobbly on her feet and sucking reflex not even kicked in yet... The most stunning eyes and long jet black eyelashes, she sent our hearts a flutter, we named this one bambi, she definately looks more like a deer than a calf.
This one arrived today also, we watched her feed and stumble around the pen for a while on her wobbly little legs. We thought her hair do was just so sweet !! Three new arrivals today - i wonder what the morning will bring!!

Farmer C is keeping her eye out for the cutest one of all to bring up to the house, so we can feed and love her so!!

We marked some eggs with black texta today as we have a brooooody hen.. The girls are ever so excited that in three weeks time (just in time for Christmas) they will have their own little baby chooki...Fingers crossed mummy hen keeps those little eggs nice and toasty.. Charlotte informed me on the way to school that if her baby hen is brown she will call it "brownie", if it is fluffy, she will call with "fluffy", and if it is cute - she will call it "cutie".. Makes sense, i bet a fiver that it gets named cutie!!! Milly thought it was quite fantastic that her little friend Scarlett named her new baby guinea pig "poo poo", so whats the bet we also have a "poo poo"!!!

Thanks for reading xx Melissa


  1. Aaaaaaahhhhh so, so, soooooooo ADORABLE!! How about those lashes?!

    Oh what a gorgeous post. I love the girls naming skills, exactly the same as mine, we have a "Softy" :)

    Thankyou for sharing!


  2. Mel I love that baby calf I want it! has beautiful eyes. The girls love being on the farm, so much happening around them.I love reading what is going on, you are clever at putting together words, keep it. Good reading. Love to you all


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