Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Luckiest girl ever

This very gorgeous specimen - i have had my eye on in a local antique and homewares store for some time now and i may have mentioned it a few times *sigh* ok alot of times to my Mr Right. 

Christmas Day came and went, and it is nothing out of the ordinary for us not to exchange gifts with each other - saving it for the girls and also for our birthdays. I accepted that the gorgeous *sigh again* birdcage would not be mine that day but i would over the coming months find a way to make him mine..I seriously had a bird cage crush and i needed to make it mine.. I drove past him everytime i filled the car with gas and sighed, i showed the big girls as we lunched next door to the shop and we all sighed, i showed my little girls as we walked past and they sighed - "it is soooo pretty mummy and will look nice in our new house", i showed my Mr Right as we walked past one day and he baulked at the price. I explained carefully to him how money is no object for something just so unique and well... just pretty.

Anyway he GOT it - my love for that birdcage, and he surprised me two days after Christmas.. When he walked in lugging that birdcage i almost fell at his feet.. Bless him for being so thoughtful, for being mine and for making that birdcage mine....

Grandad visited today and asked whether I was getting a canary for it - he looked puzzled when I explained i didn't want a bird I just wanted the cage and perhaps it might sit upon a gorgeous side table in the entrance of our new home...

I can see it - can u???
I know it will bring a big smile to my face as i walk in the front door and i know the girls so get it too... It will bring a smile to Mr Rights face too - as he will feel so proud of himself that he surprised me and brought so much joy to me with .....a birdcage... crazy i know...

When i find a better spot for him - ill take some better snaps - but i just had to share it!

Melissa xx


  1. Hello there,
    How lucky are you? I love love love your new bird cage!! What a wonderful husband you have... enjoy it!!! Somehow I get the feeling you will for many years! I am new to blogging and would love if you get the time to stop by and visit, having a big give away after the new year just waiting for a few more followers... Have a happy and healthy New Year!!

  2. It's gorgeous, I can see why you wanted it so much! Good old hubby..Rachaelxx


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