Thursday, September 12, 2013

Exciting white verandah news

Hello lovelies..

It has indeed been awhile..

Things have been busy around here..

But here are some of the things we have been up to..

Endlessly making things and being creative -

making music...

Experimenting with water color.. 

growing things..

collecting treasures.. 

Exploring, collecting, admiring the gifts from mother nature...

finding fairy houses..

finding love..

being still..

trying our hands at making mini things..

admiring the beauty that surrounds us..

and going on adventures.. 

and today.. I did something new
I had a photo shoot..

I was contacted by the Weekly Times newspaper for an interview about women in the country blogging..

I smiled until my cheeks hurt while the photographer snapped away..
As I sat on the verandah, posing, looking out onto what is my vast backyard 
I watched the tiny birds ducking in and out of the verandah 
I noticed the new spring blossom on the old pear tree out the back
and took a deep breathe..
and reflected on our journey of our tree change to the country
I have learnt so much being here
About being still, being quiet, about the joy of mother nature
and about ultimately all the things that are important to me..

So in the next couple of weeks, watch out for my interview in the Weekly Times..

Other exciting news is that I have launched a new website for my parenting counselling business -
 Kids Nest..

Pop over for a lookie here

I am also going to blog over there, so if you want to follow along on our continued adventures, my musings about play, creativity & parenting

come past and say hi!!