Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok - so here it is - our pride and joy on paper - someone pinch me quick!!! Housey stuff has been on hold for the past couple of weeks as we were waiting for the bushfire assessment to be completed and low and behold we got it back today and its considered a low bushfire risk area - WE KNOW - have you seen how green the grass is! So full steam ahead from here (fingers crossed anyway). I was straight on the phone to Harkaway Homes (plan subject to copyright) and we will have final plans by next week. Other good news is once we have these, and the owner builder certificate (which i am waiting on) we should be ready to get our building permit.... Fingers, toes, legs & arms crossed that we may be able to put the frame up before Christmas.......So calling for some little prayers and positive energy!!

We are off on another family road trip with the van tomorrow to visit some special friends 11 hours away - girls are not thrilled with the length of the drive, but it will be a great test of patience for all involved to say the least!! We have a Halloween dress up party once we get there - so the little ones are excited about dressing up as little witches - photos to follow I promise!

Also - caught up with a very special friend today Mrs T - put a big smile on my face and made me think how lucky we are to have such lovely friends and family to spend time with xxx And thats my piece of gratitude today!

Thanks for looking

Melissa xxx

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend bliss

Gorgeous weather, family , friends, food and lots of laughs = weekend bliss.....

We had a visit from our very special friends for lunch and a play on the farm. The mummies chatted and the kids played outside in a puddle and with sticks making a bridge for hours... We were lucky enough to watch the cows parade by us on their way up to be milked. They were a little distracted by our smiling faces and giggles - we were the star attraction!!

watching the cows come in
Without a doubt our favourite cow

This ones for you Jac
Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Then we quickly changed into our new party clothes and packed up the car and made our way to aunt deb & lou's, and cousin abbi and lewis for aunt nickers birthday party....We had so much fun that morning a nap on the way was definately in order....bless...

We LOVED Lewis's handmade bird feeder - very clever!

We ADMIRED debbies gorgeous snow ball tree

and we put together a very special cheer leader routine!!

and managed to spend the day in the pool despite it only being spring....

How lucky we are......

Nan and Pops shared a snuggle at the front of the snowballs

and Nicole AKA nickers enjoyed her party immensley....

Wow - what a weekend and most importantly aunt nana AKA Katrina my gorgeous little sister and her partner, bought a HOUSE!!! They have shortlisted and spent every weekend searching and it has finally paid off... So lovely to hear the excitement in her voice xxx Cant wait to share their reno journey - may even post some before and afters!!! Cant resist just posting one little before - stay tuned for the afters xxxxxx

Friday, October 22, 2010

Long days.........

I am not quite sure how - but the days seem so pleasantly long here... I and the kids have been so much more productive than usual - who knows it may wear off but for now i am running with it...

Charlottes impromtu paddle pop stick and glue gun creation started at 7.30am this morning..
Amelia's crocodile that she jumped straight out of bed at 6am and started on immediately - she said she dreamed about it... Ingenuis use of sushi soy fish i thought!!

Milly playing in the new dress mama made over the past couple of days

Milly feeding the chooks

The new skirts are perfect for dancing!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


mama washed her new fabric
mama finished sewing the girls new skirts
(this ones for u Jac xx)

milly loved honey xx

over and over xx

we painted

we made

we loved

we made...some alterations..

we played

we smiled xx

we found a dead rat
and greeted pappa with the shovel

we waited with the shovel until he was ready

papa picked up the rat

we found more dead rats

we remembered "moosie" who went to live with aunty nana with love from milly xxx


I've had my sinus surgery and I'm on the mend - it took me awhile to get to the Cape patterson pictures...
Thanks for all your well wishes and special care from my mumma and husband , visit from my gorgeous sis (who also thoughtfully express posted me a novel i have been busting to read, as i couldnt get my hands on it - it will benefit us both - you will NEVER hear the end of it now!!)...In laws took the kids for a night and came home with the gorgeous bunch of blooms pictured which put a smile on my dial - thanks all xx
Feeling like a new woman, still a little sore, but i managed to sniff the dumpster down at the dairy and actually got some smell today....I will never take smells - even bad ones for granted again.. fingers crossed it restores to its finest soon...

maiden voyage in the new van

It was impromptu and gutsy but we made a snap decision to take the new van out on its maiden voyage. I drove into town and filled a trolley with the necessities to kit out the van - forks, doonas, cups, plates, kettle, etc..... and we decided whatever we had forgotten we would try and get or do without....

Only an hour away from home to Cape Patterson we headed, girls even broke out the in car DVD - hardly necessary but the quiet time to take in the views along the way was appreciated by mumma and pappa..

Pappa was equipped with his new birthday present - a surfboard and new wettie and ready to take aim at his youth and get lost in the froth.... The girls were even excited about giving this surfin stuff a crack - mumma just happy to come along for the ride.

The weekend was just gorgeous - the first display of warm sunshine for some time and we thoroughly enjoyed the ease of camper van camping after years of struggling with endless poles for the camper trailer.

The new rig.
A little excited and wired for sound xx

First night in the van - needless to say took a little while to settle to sleep....

The MOST amazing rock pool for swimming when it gets a bit warmer

Daddy and his duckies

Charlottes first surf xx

Amelia's first surf xx

Big sis

sisters + sunrise = mumma love xx

Home time xx