Sunday, November 7, 2010

living IN the moment

This here is a photo i took on our recent trip as we walked with the girls on the stunning coastline of NSW - a significant moment.... Symbolic of my decision to live IN the moment and appreciate those moments for what they are and lap up all that they offer me.... I have been known to be too cold, too preoccupied, too hungry and too busy thinking about the next moment to enjoy the one that is happening right before me......
A gorgeous day, two simply divine little girls, a loving husband, stunning scenary, a smile, holidays.....I stopped, i smelt the ocean (yes smelt a faint smell of the ocean!!! - the surgery was somewhat successful!!) i drew a big breathe in and made a very conscious decision....LIVE IN the moment, as those moments pass us by ever so quickly.... And there is my rant for today...

Some pics from that moment and the ones that followed it .......

the sight of the sun through the tree
the sight of my family enjoying THE moment
the sight of the excitement the girls had retrieving a shell from the sand
The decision to live IN the moment was born out of a number of significant moments of late - a big tree change move, the country air??, and inspirational book that i'm currently reading, and reading the plight of an old school friend with a serious illness... Louise's journey is documented in her blog  that i have added to my blog love list..What a read - Lou your spirit and strength and abililty to view the hurdles that face you with gusto and a gorgeous positive attitude have inspired me and changed the way i look at the world....My love and prayers are with you xx


  1. Hi Melissa, thank you for your lovely message today. I couldn't sleep properly either last night after receiving an email from A-M. She hasn't had an easy life and now she is just so heart broken. I have no doubt she'll be ok though.

    On another note, your post is lovely and a good reminder to us all to live in the moment. I'm always trying to do that! I love your halloween costumes too, they are fantastic! Freddy was a great idea, I love those movies..


  2. Thanks for popping by my blog! I've just sat down with my cup of tea ready to read through your blog...I could have written this post word for word, I MUST remind myself to live in the moment more. I think a caravan is definitely on the cards! Although I have nowhere to put one. Your girls are just lovely and I'm looking forward to following your building journey, what a lovely part of the world you live in.



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