Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time

Amelia's drawing of the cow giving birth on Christmas Day - she explained the baby is still in its special sack..
There were so many amazing things that happened this Christmas but above all sharing in not one but two births of calves was more than we could of asked for on Christmas Day. Christmas morning after opening all the goodies under the tree from Santa, the kids, Luke and I walked down the big hill to get some fresh milk for our new babies - kindly donated by farmer S for the girls to adopt.

The girls quickly named them "patches and Spotty" and amicably settled which was which in terms of temporary ownership... We delighted as we watched them settle very quickly into their little paddock, bouncing around and playing before retiring into a little shed full of fresh hay.. The temptation was too much for the girls who promptly joined patches and spotty for a snuggle in the hay... The girls have been great with the responsibility of feeding them and have not complained - much... about trudging up and down the hill twice a day to fetch their milk.

So we went off on Christmas morning to get their milk and happened to catch some birthing action... We all watched intently and Farmer C safely delivered a gorgeous big baby boy..

A little graphic but what an experience!! The girls ran and hid for some of it but watched almost the whole birth in anticipation and then we chatted about the birth of baby Jesus as we lugged the milk up the hill for our babies.. Once all the guests arrived for Christmas dinner, we relayed the excitement!!! It was final - everyone was keen for another viewing if the opportunity arose.. I promptly asked Farmer S to let us know if there was to be another birth - and before long we had received the call and the entire family - red wine and glasses in  hand - headed down the hill to watch another birth... The kids all stood up on the gate and watched intently as the adults formed a somewhat swaying viewing gallery in the back stands. We all watched wide eyed and before too long we had witnessed another Christmas Day birth!! We then went on to enjoy a great meal, lots of wine and giggles... It was such a warm and fuzzy experience that we enjoyed as a family - or perhaps that was the red wine?? Anyway, i thought it certainly added a country flavor to our family Christmas..
                                               Mummy and baby Lucky as the girls named him..

Thanks for reading - i hope everyone enjoyed the time with family and friends as much as we did

Melissa xxxx

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  1. What a gorgeous Christmas Day you had! Such a beautiful moment for the girls to experience, and so symbolic on Christmas Day!

    Thankyou for sharing, and so lovely you had such a magical time.

    p.s. I LOVE the drawing!!!



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