Thursday, July 28, 2011

cubby time

The days have been so cold, but it does not stop my little girls wanting to play outside in their "cubby"..Rain, hail or shine the girls have been making their own fun out in what used to be a wood shed.
 Cooking up a storm with things they can find in the garden - lemons, dirt, water, leaves
 "the campfire"
 homemade kitchen bench.. with no help at all from mummy
stringing up the clothes line
Oh how i love wandering outside to see what they are up to and finding them playing, creating and excited to show it all off...

House update coming soon!

Melissa xx

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back with a new baby

Image : Apple
Apologies for my absence... I've had some computer issues and had to wait to get this little baby!! Super excited.....Took me awhile to even learn how to use the mouse, very space age! Going to get my head around it tonight and be back to business...

Melissa xx

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

blissing out

We are blissing out here, overlooking this stunning view, for the first week of the school holidays. 
This house is amazing, called "the white house", all white and weatherboard with views to die for and a kitchen that accommodates three mummies cooking up a storm...

We are in stunning Port Fairy where the weather is just insane this week, windy, rainy and cold but ever so perfect for admiring over a glass of red out this window. 

We packed our hats, scarfs and coats and are set to soak up all that winter has to offer in this gorgeous little seaside town.

A day at the Fun for kids festival in Warnambool - an exhilarating and exhausting day for the kids.. Shows, craft, making, doing, pampering, massage, woodwork & magic - the list is endless. All indoors and very well organised - I highly recommend it - once you walk through that gate, it is like a kids heaven.

Now for mini golf, movies, spot of shopping for mumma, beach exploring and soaking up that view!

See you when we get back to reality 

Melissa xxx