Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The PERMIT went in today

Awwww - I could just jump for joy!! Today Mr right put all the things we needed in for the permit to be processed - except one engineers report, but nethertheless the ball has well and truly started to roll!! I am so happy that we acheived this milestone ( even though one little report still needs to be added before it can be approved)...It has honestly felt like the process to date has been so drawn out - especially for me, the single most impatient being that roams the earth... Unrealistically I know, I assumed that we would move out here and this gorgeous big white full verandahed beauty would just grow out of that luscious green hill, without a hiccup.... Needless to say it hasnt - YET, but i will not give up hope....

Not too much to ask for - just to spring out of the hill???
We enjoyed miss amelia's kinda concert last night! For hours before the concert she would state randomly "I'm nervous" however with some gentle encouragement she took to the stage with gusto....... well almost and we all delighted in her confidence. Not one to enjoy the spotlight - she nailed her parts however informed me afterwards that she was nervous about singing too much. She also wiggled her way around on stage for awhile before her sweet teacher noticed she needed desperately to go to the toilet - disaster averted.. Photos to come!!

Miss Amelia also enjoyed orientation day at school this week for half a day. Mumma became slightly unhinged at the sight of my two sweet girls dressed in matching uniforms, the tears swelled as they scootered off up the hill together, only for me to wipe the tears and meet them at school. Charlotte was the ultimate big sister and took great pride in looking after her little sister - it just makes you so proud to watch them together!! Anyway, Amelia loved school, and Charlotte loved having her there and when I picked her up, I asked her, "how was school??" and she exclaimed calmly, "very good, I learnt how to read".. Bless xx


  1. Hi there..I've really enjoyed reading your last few posts. If only I could have your all sounds so wonderful. Have a great day..Rachaelxx


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