Saturday, October 15, 2011

scrumptious skirting boards

no words.. just love.

more love that I only have to wait until next week to see them all painted up.

I have taken countless photos

Craft room, architraved and skirted..

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, we had all the windows flung open as we all worked away

This is what Mr right and I did yesterday - amongst the heating and cooling guys cutting in their holes and Matt working tirelessly to finish off the doors, architraves and skirting boards in time for the painter on Monday.

We didn't quite finish the vaulted ceiling (to be painted white) so back again today...

This is what the kitchen looked like last night when we left but today it is going to look a whole lot different...I cant believe we are up to putting the kitchen in - the last few weeks feel like a whirlwind! 
So much happening and SO much organising to ensure the next phase is all organised...
The kitchen guys want the butlers sink today - so I will get it out and unwrap it carefully just like a little girl on Christmas morning - I may not even be able to contain the squeals of delight... I really cant believe I haven't opened it.

This is what greeted me as I rolled out of bed this morning, a little stiff from a huge days work yesterday - most of it spent holding my arms above my head. I had a few "survivor" moments - pretending I was in one of those crazy "survivor" competitions...

 Relentless crafting in this house

Once this project is finished - the girls are super excited to be off to the tile shop -  to not only purchase the tiles and carpet but also celebrate in their relaunch of their new logo  and meet Polly & Waz and Tania & Rod who will be there taking part in the festivities!!!

Thanks for coming by xxx



  1. Gorgeous skirting boards. And I'm super excited about your kitchen going in! I remember painting...aarrgh, so tiring! Rachaelx

  2. have loved seeing the progress of your renvo ..... the pictures looking out into the country side make me want to leave city life and move into the relaxed country one. please follow:

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