Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Follow me guidelines

I have had a few people tell me it is complicated to navigate the whole "follow me" thingo.

So here goes - step by step for those people (in readiness for the celebratory giveaway!!)

  • You will find the "Join this site" button which is blue on the left hand side of the blog under the About me info.
  • Click the "Join this site" button and you will be asked to sign in with your Google (including Gmail) or Twitter account, IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE then click here
  • Once you have clicked the above "here" you will be taken off to create a Google account - you just need an email address to complete this
  • Easy peasy!! 
So - you have a couple of days, giveaway to be announced on the weekend....

Thanks - hope you enjoyed the amazing storm we had today if your in Melbourne!

Melissa xx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Makeover and giveaway

You may have already noticed - thankyou for your lovely comments...

White Verandah has undergone a makeover by the gorgeous and very talented media maid herself,

Katrina Chambers AKA Katrina from the Block..

Katrina was able to produce something that immediately hit my love button from a list of only about 5 words of things that I love and was an absolute pleasure to deal with! I think I may have told her one too many times - I LOVE IT!!

You can find Katrina's blog here, 

I have been reading Katrina's blog long before she was a blocki, and am especially loving her outfit updates and inspirational phrase posters at the moment..
You can also find her Media Maid website button on the right hand side of my blog..

Thanks Treens!! xx 

To celebrate the makeover of White Verandah - I will be having my very first giveaway.

Just a heads up- you will need to be a "follower" to be elibible to win, so you have a few days to follow before I announce the giveway..

Thanks so much for coming by White Verandah,  

Melissa xx