Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our baby girl is turning 5

Our baby girl is turning five in the morning  - it is such a cliche' but the time has flown and i can remember, feel and visualise this moment as if it was yesterday.
The first time we laid eyes on her perfect little face, big brown eyes and mop of dark hair, she held my finger so tightly with her little warm blue hands.
She has grown into the most vivacious, warm, caring and engaging little soul. Her love for animals and caring nature astounds me. Asked what she would like us to buy her for her birthday she answers "a big fluffy dog" and for those who know her well, would just smile and nod. Such a simple request - maybe next year sweetness but for now she is so content with her growing collection of stuffed animals and the real ones that surround us on the farm.
She has grown into a confident and humerous little thing that is ever so ready to take the next big step - to join her big sister at school. Thats a whole other blogi - coming soon!!

Little munchkin
So THE party is Saturday, we shopped for all supplies today and mumma is bracing herself for some sleepless nights baking, decorating the cake and fluffing.

Amelia 2 years

Amelia 3 years
Amelia 4 years

God bless your little cotton socks in your gumboots our sweet girl
We love you all the way to the moon and back

Thanks for reading
Melissa xxx

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