Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa is on his way

Merry Christmas to all!! I am as organised as i am ever going to be this year and what feels like a very disorganised state..I have to admit it has not been the usual couple of weeks leading up to the big day..Having alot of my things still in boxes has made it difficult to indulge in all the usual Christmas pleasures - crafting, baking, and prettying up the house.
On the day before Christmas we:
♥ Shopped for all the fresh food supplies to feed our lovely family on the big day
♥ Made Reindeer food and sprinkled on the lawn to guide their way
♥ Met a very big resident blue tongue lizard that came out to sun himself and scared Charlotte as she scootered past
♥ Met a tiny little frog that thought our toilet floor seemed like a cool place to stop
♥ Made Santa a very simple little snack of cookies and milk
♥ Wrote Santa a special note before bed - Charlotte used a yellow highlighter so u cant read what it says - but she asks Santa if he thinks she and Milly have been good with a tick box yes or no - sweet!!

Merry Christmas everyone - enjoy this special time with your little ones, family and friends..

Melissa xx

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