Thursday, September 12, 2013

Exciting white verandah news

Hello lovelies..

It has indeed been awhile..

Things have been busy around here..

But here are some of the things we have been up to..

Endlessly making things and being creative -

making music...

Experimenting with water color.. 

growing things..

collecting treasures.. 

Exploring, collecting, admiring the gifts from mother nature...

finding fairy houses..

finding love..

being still..

trying our hands at making mini things..

admiring the beauty that surrounds us..

and going on adventures.. 

and today.. I did something new
I had a photo shoot..

I was contacted by the Weekly Times newspaper for an interview about women in the country blogging..

I smiled until my cheeks hurt while the photographer snapped away..
As I sat on the verandah, posing, looking out onto what is my vast backyard 
I watched the tiny birds ducking in and out of the verandah 
I noticed the new spring blossom on the old pear tree out the back
and took a deep breathe..
and reflected on our journey of our tree change to the country
I have learnt so much being here
About being still, being quiet, about the joy of mother nature
and about ultimately all the things that are important to me..

So in the next couple of weeks, watch out for my interview in the Weekly Times..

Other exciting news is that I have launched a new website for my parenting counselling business -
 Kids Nest..

Pop over for a lookie here

I am also going to blog over there, so if you want to follow along on our continued adventures, my musings about play, creativity & parenting

come past and say hi!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

White Verandah for sale...

 Ultimately, I believe, whether you choose one way or the other doesn't matter. If you're present when you make your decision, then you'll be present in the next situation—and be ready to make choices as the need comes up. Of course, you always could have done things differently. But the ultimate importance is not what you do, it's how you do it—the state of consciousness brought to the process, which hopefully will let you feel the aliveness of all your experiences. - Eckhart Tolle...

We have made a decision - a decision to sell.. A decision that was made whilst traveling our vast outback land of Australia, whilst present, together, we made this decision...

 A new job for me, family, friends & the "comfort" of our "home" were calling us to go "home"... We listened to the calling and now she, my love, will bring somebody else as much joy as she has given us...
The only thing that could have almost kept us here was this beauty, my love, White Verandah..
There is so much love within these walls, careful thought, planning, alot of dreaming that has come together so beautifully that living in her is really is food for our souls every single day...
The layout, the finishes, the view, the details - it all just "works" and makes for easy living, loving her and entertaining..

 This Kitchen is something that I wish I could take with me and takes every bodies breath away when they visit. It is such a delight to cook in & be in.. 
The kitchen measures six metres wide,  which means there is enough room for everyone to roll up their sleeves and get involved! 
The kitchen island bench measures a whopping 2.5 x 1.2 metres and was designed with kids in mind - for breakfast, homework, talking & connecting.. It is a feature that draws a crowd when entertaining - despite a deliciously comfy couch - the bench will draw guests to sit & chat..

 The kitchen benches are easy to keep clear, with a butlers pantry space that houses pantry storage, bench, cupboards & a whopping 8 power points to accommodate every appliance! The butlers pantry is also fitted with a sink which has made life so easy! Whether you are a fan of juicing, have a coffee machine or just the kettle in there - you can always quickly rinse and replace..

I couldn't possibly post about my kitchen without mentioning these beauties - the double porcelain farmhouse sink and the most divine Perrin & Rowe tap...

Ok ok... this could almost make me stay too... 
Our laundry/mudroom was designed to make the chores of washing and ironing enjoyable..Big, spacious, organized,  a drying cupboard, lots of storage - a place to house everything that the kids would normally leave lying around - school bags, shoes, bags, hats, etc..
(hope i don't talk myself into staying before the end of this post!)

 Two hidden laundry baskets - one for lights and one for dark's and a porcelain sink - enough prettiness to make washing the clothes a more enjoyable task!
Super big bedrooms with heapsa storage.. well heapsa bedrooms really...
Six in total or five and a study...
Or four, a study and a craft room - which has worked perfectly for us...

 Large but cosy lounge with two sets of french doors that open out onto the massive undercover Verandah / deck area - the view from here - is nothing short of breathtaking.. so much so that i have hundreds of photos from here....
The summer sunsets....
The view from the house...just over two acres of luscious green land, a creek running at the back fence and a covenant that allows for you to keep some hoofed animals to keep the grass down...

 We call this "girls HQ" but really its "kids HQ"!! A great size room, with heapsa cupboards  (not pictured) so storage is sorted.. Also has tv points and heaps of power points to accommodate Wii's, DVD's, etc ( also not pictured!)
 Also featuring french doors folding out onto the 2 metre Verandah that wraps the entire house..

 Bathroom pictured here is down the kids wing of the home.. This has a gorgeous deep bath, double ceramic basins (no fights at tooth brushing time!), white shuttered window and a glassless walk in and out shower.. I hate cleaning glass so this shower is so low maintenance - I love it!!

The en suite is a smaller version of above - double basins, glassless tiled walk in and out shower - same tiles and finishes...

So there she is - well most of her - haven't pictured all of the house but if your interested or know anyone that may be interested in a tree change to gorgeous Poowong in Gippsland in Victoria please email me at to discuss further..

Melissa xxxx

Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy New Year gorgeous people! Hope everyone has a gorgeous Christmas and new year! What a year 2012 was... 

Here are some pics of our Christmas - 
stuff we made, places we went, new year and summer holidays!

 I love reflecting back on my intentions and goals for the year so its helpful to have them on here...
December 2012 i wrote:

"Tonight we will bring in 2012 with friends on the deck of White Verandah..I am usually well organised with some resolutions and plans for the new year, but I have not had too much time to even comprehend this year ending let alone whats in store for next year.....but here goes off the top of my head:

* Project manage the completion of the outside of the house, White Verandah...The two most important parts to come so she can live up to her name - the verandah and painting the exterior
* exercise more - wasn't very successful at that this year, but just unpacking all our gym equipment over the past couple of days has me inspired - its a start!
* live in and speak my truth
* read an inspiring book - any suggestions?
* try to repurpose & reuse instead of want and need more things
* create my new veggie patch
* take a family and friends camping trip to central Australia and experience the red dirt
*use the caravan alot more when the weather is fine.
* be organised enough that I can walk the girlies to school and enjoy the sunny mornings together
 * love more (this one's for you Therese...) You know that love is the key to happiness... more love = more happiness.. spread the love...x
* make this house more into our home aka fluffing the nest..
                                          * continue to blog our journey..."

Well quite a successful year - didn't hit the mark on all of my intentions (mainly the exercise thing - dang!! another year!!) but certainly
 * finished our "white verandah"
* lived in and spoke my truth - no longer bottling up things that make me feel uncomfortable or doing things that " i should do" to keep others happy... So enlightening! Not always well received by others but in alignment with what is right and true for me..
* read sooo many inspiring books, it was really quite ridiculous!
* no veggie patch but tomatoes in pots - kind of counts..
* repurposed and reused in a major way.. Undertook quite a few overhauls..
didnt use the caravan more - so sold that guy and have a new boat on the way that will definately get more use!
* walked the girls to school - some days... not as many as we should have...
* loved a whole lot  more - including myself and those around me - felt it peeps!
* fluffed our home
* continued to blog spasmodically... as much as it felt right to...

I also did sooo many other things that were not on my radar at the start of the year but  interesting how whats important changes so much in the matter of months...

So all in all, hit the mark on most of my intentions and have been working on my goals and intentions for 2013.. Thank goodness i discovered Leonie Dawsons 2013 workbook and planner, so this year i can document my plans in so much more detail, keep them handy, and even more special - reflect on them in 2014..


 I have worked through the business edition of the 2013 workbook and became so overcome, excited and full of amazing energy half way through that i had to dance like a crazy woman to release some!

2013 will definitely have a business focus for me with my new venture - Kids Nest... I have developed a number of workshops and coaching packages that teach parents the peaceful parenting philosophy as well as bless them will tools to parent from a peaceful place to ensure children are raised with confidence, happiness, kindness, resilience and peace.. You can follow Kids Nest here on facebook..

I am half way through the personal version of the 2013 workbook and can already feel the magic that will come from not only the refection on  2012 but also the planning, focus and intention for 2013. I am half way through completing my list of 100 things to do in 2013 and think of more almost every day!

If you want to start planning your most awesome year yet 2013 - use this link to head over and buy one for under $10.00!!  While your there, take the time to a peek around Leonie Dawson's website - she is one very amazing goddess... 

I have had some amazing revelations, insights, ideas and excitement from working on these planners and am sooo excited about what this year will bring that i wanted to share it with you! 

It's not too late to plan this year ! We are only mid way through January....

If you are still on a break as we are over here then enjoy! If you are back in the swing of things - enjoy! 

Melissa xxxxx

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our adventures

I feel like every time I sit down to post... 
I go to type the same post title - it has been so long! 
I don't feel guilty about not posting though and try not to put pressure on myself these days unnecessarily. Just living in the flow... Posting when it feels right..
 I knew it was coming....

So the last couple of months put into more pictures than words is in order.. 
I am such a visual person and always appreciate less words and more images to look at when reading other bloggies... Well that's my story for tonight and my excuse for catching you up on the awesome stuff that has been happening around here in pictures instead of words... Enjoy..

 Last month I spent a week in Phoneix, Arizona lapping up this stunning, spiritual and peaceful resort with the most amazing group of inspirational women...

 The weather was hot and balmy, which called for night swims & late night feet dipping in the spa.. It was so lovely to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather, water and each others company after enduring such a long, wet and freezing Victorian winter..
 All whilst surrounded by beauty.... Beautiful women and such naturally beautiful surroundings
 A couple of days after my return, I went straight from one desert in the USA to our very own in central outback Australia. We set off with our two little cowgirls, a tent, a loaded up car, a few friends and the camera.
 The "adventure" was so many things...
endurance for me...not necessarily a camper at heart..
 An opportunity to go places and meet people that are "off the beaten track"

 The opportunity to see THE.MOST.AMAZING - sunsets, sunrises and night skies... and take waaaaaay too many photos of them..
 Self discovery - 3 days in the Simpson Desert at 45 degrees......
need i say more people...
This first sand dune was simply stunning though, the other 1099 I could have taken or left.. well i would have rathered leave if you want the truth
 The joy of watching my girls engage in self guided learning and discovery about their country and this land and completely immerse themselves in what they chose to learn more about, writing their journals when they felt the need to record something that resonated with them, collecting treasures along the way...

 The memories captured in the 1000's of images we have come home with, treasured...
Mostly keen to pose and have a record in pictures to keep and reflect on...
 All Australian sights, red dirt, vast countryside, our Australian animals, and the dry hot sun...
 being dirty and it being ok, collecting treasures
 up close and personal with desert dwellers

 Meeting friendly locals only too willing to chat with us about traditional wood crafts, how to best cook a kangaroo tail & catch a blue tongue for a tasty treat....

 good ol' fashioned water fun....

 spending time with old friends
 and finding new ones
 being amazed at the natural wonders of this gorgeous place we live

 Quietly taking in the sights, being close to nature, feeling her calm

 watching memory making in action
 enjoying family time, the quiet moments, no t.v, back to basics, back to nature
 their awe at mother nature
their joy

 and of course the love....

Melissa x