Saturday, December 11, 2010


Every year we try to do some sort of Christmas making, and this year we were inspired by an article in December issue of Home Beautiful on how to make ceramic decorations.

I took myself off to Spotlight in search of some white clay and bought the "Jovi" white modelling clay for $14.95. It does appear a little blue in the pics as it is until it dries white. The clay was fairly easy to roll out using the trusty old rolling pin, however a bit tricky for little hands, so that was mumma's job. But the girls loved using their cookie cutters to cut out lots of christmasy and not so christmasy shapes..

We then used a skewer to poke a hole up the top of the shapes that we will thread some ratten or ribbon through. I also used some crochet doilies to press some lovely shapes into the clay, the girls pressed in jewels, their finger prints and today we will stamp some..


These photos are from when the clay is wet therefore still blue - ill post some pics of the finished product.

We decided we could use some as special gift tags for Christmas and the rest will hang on the tree...I think they have turned out well and was at least an hours fun for the girls and i and the the least bit messy... We used baking paper to roll the clay out on and then cut the shapes on - wa la!!!!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. So sweet! I've been meaning to get around to doing this with the girls, you've inspired me to get cracking on it!


  2. They look great Mel, the girls would have had a ball making them xxx


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