Sunday, December 19, 2010

Race Day

We were invited to attend the very first local annual billy cart race..At first, Mr Right researched billy carts on ebay - looking for the speediest one he could find, then he thought he may try his hand at putting one together - we visited a local junk yard to scope out materials...Then in the end - i just borrowed the billy cart from work and with a few minor repairs (a new nut) we were ready to race.
The girls thought it was fabulous! Charlotte was happy that there was an older girl to play with and was happier walking and talking big girl stuff. Milly thought the carts were much more fun, she went up and down that hill close to a dozen times, and even chauffered her little kinda buddy that was a little hesitant down a couple of times too..Once the daddys saw how much fun the kids were having - of course they were in on the action...
It was such a fun afternoon - no casualties either (and by looking at the hill you will understand my surprise!). So my hot tips for others that may like to organise and be a serious contender in the street billy cart race - bike tyres are by far the best and fastest, a helmet is a must, brakes are definately an added advantage and a cushion for the seat would also be welcomed....

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  1. My goodness you are a brave Mama!! That hill looks terrifying, I wouldn't have been able to watch!!!



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