Tuesday, August 23, 2011

laundry/mudroom drawings

I literally squeeled out loud, thankfully in the privacy of my own company, when these bounced into my inbox. All the drawings from the cabinet maker - kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom/laundry, butlers pantry..... 

 Pictured above is the cabinetry on the opposite walls of the mudroom / laundry - I was originally planning on having open holes underneath the bench for a basket and a tiled floor. But i have since decided, with Simon's help, to have floorboards in the room and a drawer instead to hide all the shoes and that wont scratch the floorboards.
 Birds eye view - drying cupboard pictured on the left of the plan - goodbye clothes horse! 

 Here is my original inspiration

Simon has done an amazing job of translating our many conversations, emails and pictures back and forth into drawings. Simon completed the kitchen in our last house when we renovated and I was so thrilled with his service and the results so we decided to use him again, despite the distance. He is incredibly patient, has excellent customer service and has amazing ideas when your stuck. No job is ever to big or small for him!!

So, over the next week I will share with you the drawings for the cabinetry in the house and welcome your feedback.  I have made a few little changes to the kitchen already, only just to do with the symmetry - Simon has been most patient with my changes and constant need for all things to be symmetrical even when he knows it is impossible, he has worked with me to create the illusion.. bless him!

Now i'm on the hunt for some baskets for top unit - anyone seen any nice ones?? Simon wants me to purchase first and then custom fit as it can prove a bit tricky to find baskets that fit once the cabinet is made..
Thanks for coming by - Melissa xx

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