Tuesday, August 9, 2011

House blessing

I just remembered tonight whilst searching for more bathroom tap options (not sure what made me think of it), that i was inspired some time ago by the blog fortheloveofahouse.blogspot.com to write a house blessing letter to pop into the walls before they are all plastered up.

I have a rough idea of some things I would like to include - health, happiness, love, laughter, kindness, warmth...... I thought I'd also get the girls to make something or write something down too. I'll share once I've finished.  

Busy again today, working on paint colors for the exterior of the house. The decision has always been white weatherboard, as you know we have a Windspray colorbond roof, and I am thinking a big glossy black front door... Black gloss = easy choice, white for the weatherboards = minefield....

Thanks for the advice on the doors - naturally the first door pictured in my last post was the MOST expensive, so depending on what the quote comes back looking like - i may have to look at other options...But will keep you posted on the door dilemma...

Melissa x

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