Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kitchen Sketches

 The little girls are as equally excited about the new house as the big girl in the family.
Charlotte asked if she could "have" one of my House & Garden magazines to "keep" this morning. I reluctantly said, "yyyyeeessssss" despite it being this months issue - what a good mumma..
Then they got busy drawing up some kitchen sketches - makes my heart sing that they love it just as much as the mumma xxxx

Getting ready to head down to the house today to have a bit of a clean up, take some pictures and gaze out the windows

Thanks for reading

Melissa xxx


  1. That first sketch is great with the bar stools and pendant lights - a definite interior designer in the making!! Can't wait to see your kitchen plans and ideas, renovating ours was probably the best renovating project we've done as it made the most impact and is the most used space.

  2. Love these photos, just adorable! Can't wait to see your new pics of how it's all progressing!


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