Monday, August 8, 2011

Door trauma

Decisions, decisions.... I have been busy today with choosing tiles, carpet and external paint colors and will share some of those with you soon.

However, after meeting with the plasterer today (and changing my mind on the square set and opting for a nice chunky cornice...) my attention has moved to doors, given the internal sliders track and frame need to be in place before plaster can be installed. We had planned on just putting in the track and worrying about the doors down the track however it seems the framing and track come together with the actual doors. So....... I need to choose and I need some help!!

All images - Corinthian Doors

Any thoughts?? My initial choice was the first door, however after showing Mr Right and his comment being - "old school" I have chosen a few others... Obviously these doors will be throughout so the decision is a big one, too much choosing for today! The kitchen, bathroom, powder room and laundry will all be the "shaker" style cabinets - similar to this -

Image: Kitchen Designer

So I thought the first pictured door would flow quite nicely???

Thanks , Melissa x


  1. 1 or 2 to go with the shaker cabinets I think. It's hard to advise without knowing what the rest of the house will look like, sorry honey! You'll choose the right one. Rachaelx

  2. Hi Love, Thanks for that beautiful photo of the Magnolia, makes me think of spring and all the beauty to follow, cant wait. Well doors doors doors, I think i like the top one first then the bottom, nice and simple classic door, think thats a style that never dates and easy to clean (got to think of sadie!!!) all pics look great, see you thursday xxxxx

  3. I like door 2. It will go well with the Shaker cabinets, and they have that country feel about them too...hope that helps! xoxox Leonie

  4. I love door 2 the most, it has a lovely Country feel I agree with Anon above. Door 1 matches the kitchen the most though!!

    eek...I don't envy you having to make a quick decision!


  5. OOOhhhhh, well love, I do like door 1 as it's not so modern as number 3 (old school door 1 - duuhhh!) isn't the house going to be "old style"? Mr Right, yeh WHATEVS! I really like the second one the best, but you know what I say now that I have a whole house full of intricate skirtings - DUUUUUUSSSSSSTT - too right, (Sadie will be really busy with number 2), but I just leave the dust and get to it when I get to it - adds character I say!!!


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