Sunday, August 7, 2011

freckles baby shower

The view into baby freckles bedroom complete with a blackboard for bubba creativity - however in the meantime it was used at the baby shower to choose the birthdate, weight and time of freckles arrival...

The arrival of the newest addition to our family, fondly dubbed "freckles" is imminent. We are all eagerly awaiting a new little niece or nephew, cousin and bubba in just a few weeks time and are super super excited!

So a baby shower was in order - lots of freckles color and frivolity..

My gorgeous sister gazing into an empty cot.....   

My miss muffett could not resist imitating her aunty, balloon in belly, and complete with moaning, "Oh i'm sooo pregnant!"

 I have been busy stitching some love into a quilt for freckles and will reveal when it's finished...

Freckles, you are the luckiest baby being born into such a loving family..

I have enjoyed the journey so far watching my little sister blossom into a mummy to be in more ways than one - burgeoning belly, nesting, sorting, washing, decorating and baking, baking, baking...

I cant wait to see her little family expand and witness her make the bestest mummy..

I am super excited and ruffling my feathers myself at the thought of holding a newborn and sniffing that lovely lovely newborn smell....

We cant wait to meet you frecklesxxx

Melissa x

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