Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From the hands of babes

My girls have a texta, crayon or pencil almost permanently in their little hands.
Always drawing, making and creating. 

We have copious amounts of art produced en masse every single day.

Charlotte is a careful and measured artist, she plans and thinks about what she is drawing and then produces one perfectly finished and complete piece.

Amelia is like a mad little scribbler, she will sit with a pad and furiously draw, get halfway through her picture and as quick as she put crayon to paper, it is ripped out and discarded. And when it is all over she has a PILE of discarded works of art scattered around her.

Not sure what kind of clues their drawing practices hold for their very different little personality's - time will tell, but in the meantime i just love watching them create.


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  1. This is my girls to a T!! I love the last photo - this is my house ALL THE TIME.

    Mass producers around these parts too!



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