Sunday, August 28, 2011

butlers pantry

The butlers pantry drawings..

I had a visit from the cabinet maker on Saturday to remeasure and confirm all the drawings - another couple of little changes and they are all signed off and ready for production...

Mr Right has been slaving away building the fireplace surround in readiness for installation this week. Wow, decisions , decisions.... I think I may have even changed my mind on the stone as we decided to put the TV above the fireplace and I think the stone may be too busy??

Electrical rough in complete = check.

Plaster is booked for next week....

May have changed my mind on the spotted gum floorboards after spotting something different today, will make some mad phone calls tomorrow to check on price and availability...Wormy chestnut?? Weird name but gorgeous timber.

Changed my mind on the butlers sink too - and went for a double sink instead of single at Mr Rights suggestion - happy to oblige !!

Now to try and book a tiler for when plaster is complete - and make my mind up on the tiles - will share once I have

Melissa xx


  1. How exciting everything is moving along. Even though butler's sinks look lovely, I think a double sink is a great idea, perfect for hiding things in :) Can't wait to see your butler's pantry, all that space will be wonderful x

  2. I think this house will have everything! You'll never regret putting in a butlers pantry or mudroom, they're such practical spaces. I like double sinks too. Rachaelx

  3. Thanks ladies - all very exciting , being a Capricorn - practical is important !!! Got a double butlers sink - practical and pretty - bonus !!!


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