Sunday, August 7, 2011

House update

The house has been at somewhat of a stand still (apart from work on the garage) for the past couple of weeks. Mr Right has been slaving away for the past couple of weekends putting together his garage that will house the cars and his toys.

We had a minor hiccup with leaking windows therefore we couldn't progress to starting the "inside" until it was sorted out. Mr Right worked his magic on that too, and we are steaming ahead this week.... Electrical rough in is happening this week, then insulation. There are few little internal things that we (ok mostly me) have changed our minds on, so those things need to be changed before plaster can be hung. I am meeting the plasterer on site tomorrow, just to go over my choices. I'm thinking square set in entry, lounge and kitchen - given the vaulted ceiling anyway, and then traditional cornice everywhere else. I toyed with the idea of doing some decorative cornice work - but decided a gorgeous big chunky 190ml (!!!!! squeeeeeel) skirting board would pack more punch..

I was super dooper excited to meet with my cabinet maker on Saturday afternoon - i love how patient he is with me tormenting him with every little detail, and pictures aplenty on the i phone; so there is no mistaking we are on the same page.. Oh I cant wait to share the drawings with you, I may never ever be seen again- I may stay forever in the kitchen and laundry/mudroom = LOVE!

Pictured below is a rough idea on half of the laundry / mudroom, I may have shared another image with you, but turns out I fell head over heels for this one in the meantime, and it even works out cheaper - bonus..

Image unknown
I have also been busy choosing and getting heating and cooling quoted, boring - no pretty pictures but essential. Ducted....that's all on that. Electric too as we have no natural gas but bonus is we have three phase. May even look into solar - anyone have any advice on solar ??

Also been hunting for a woodfire to fit into the stone wall. Sooo much choice - but I think we have finally decided and agreed upon a Regency Bellerive. We did consider a traditional open fire but was eventually swayed by the effeciency of a slow combustion - toasty.....

And that's not all - choosing external paint colors, choosing internal doors, sourcing attic ladders for the man cave, choosing timber for the floors. Have not even started the mammoth task of choosing tiles for the bathrooms.... Hold on to your hats people, the next couple of months are going to be a wild ride of choices, listening to me squeeel with excitement about just about everything (sorry, but it cannot be contained), and please lots of advice!

Oh and look what i found in the garden this morning - made me smile sooooo broadly, these are for you Deb xxxx love you

Stunning little buds with velvet curtains waiting to reveal the star of the show.

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  1. When do I move in? I'd be happy with that mudroom. 190mm skirts....Squeeeeeal!



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