Wednesday, October 12, 2011

we have some architraves.....

The architraves are taking shape after another day of hard work from Matt....
He pointed out the butlers pantry window all architraved up and I almost squealed with delight!
( I have also been procrastinating over paint color choice..... As you can see in this pic I have lots of swatches... considering the painter is starting Monday I need to make a decision!!! Arrgghhh...)

 Laundry doors arched up!

 and again......

Kitchen windows arched up - waiting for the finishing touches of nosing along the bottom - oh heart be stillllllll......

Lounge - complete with hallway door and a mountain of architraves and skirting boards...

So, today my task is to choose paint. No more procrastination...

I have been happily side tracking myself with choosing taps and ordering basins, bath, toilets.... and trying to get my kitchen tap past the treasurer - I'll keep you posted on that one!

Hope you are all smiling today 
Melissa xxx


  1. I've just read through 3 pages of your blog posts, I really have been away for a while haven't I? The house is looking gorgeous. I know if I ever build a house, yours will be my inspiration. I love the new look for the blog too, really lovely. Rachaelx

  2. love your blog page...
    i need to get mine done too.
    i am building a house on the gold coast and have started a blog about it. so i will enjoy following you as your journey.

    how cute are the letters. i love getting them too x
    have a great day,

    penny :)


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