Friday, October 14, 2011

happy day

It's true -  these are the reasons I am smiling today:

 * the sun is shining
* White Verandah has a driveway full of tradies utes
* my babies sung their little hearts out all morning to their school musical CD - oh the joy of little voices singing in the morning
* Mr Right and I are on the tools today putting up the timber in the vaulted ceiling
* it's friday and that means fish and chip night
* I ordered the basins, bath, etc , etc this morning after much deliberation
* we shared our first meal - homemade pizza at white verandah last night and it was delicious - the pizza, the moment and the sun setting over the hills and on the big trees on the hill!
* I found a potential tradie to tile and he can do it when I want him to - big bonus
* my girls trip is next week!! It has crept up but we are all off to Tassie to eat, laugh, probably cry (at a movie or something) and recharge our mumma batteries - oh how I love goddess gatherings!
* Oh - and I almost forgot, and in hindsight - this may have been number one, ONE more sleep until my cabinetry is installed - kitchen, laundry/mudroom, vanities, etc ...I have warned my very patient and lovely cabinet maker - the peanut gallery will be on site, perched in a corner, camera poised and watching them work.... I may make the best ever carrot cake to take along as a sweetener.. (I'll share that recipe soon - delish!)
* Oh OH Oh.... and I have skirting boards today, big delicious ones - ok only three but by the end of today there will be many!!!!

Photos from last night...

Happy day to you all too....
What has made you smile today??

Melissa xx


  1. Oh be still my beating heart....Melissa the house is just breathtaking! The last few shots with the golden sunlight....oh me, oh my. When can I move in?!

    Such a beautiful job you are doing, I am enjoying your journey so much!


  2. Gosh I'm in love with your house, even in its current unfinished state :) That photo of your two girls gazing out the window is beautiful. It sounds like you have so many wonderful things happening over the next few days, they would make me happy too if I were in your shoes, especially the cabinetry being done. Carrot cake is definitely a good idea :) How exciting to have had your first meal there last night x

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I have just found your gorgeous blog and look forward to following your build. What an amazing property and house you have. AND two cute little girls just like me :)

    Kel x


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