Friday, October 7, 2011

Alice lovin & giveaway

cousin Abbi and Charlotte "clucking" over the newest member of our family - sweet baby Alice x
 Alice and Charlotte

 Alice, Charlotte and Amelia x

 big cousin love 

 Alice soaking up the lovin from aunty Deb and cousin Lewis

 It was a group effort to put up Alice's twig dress hanger - a twig from the country for our city mouse x

 mumma and Alice admiring the new addition to her room

 Alice's birth quilt that I made and had promised photos of xx

And finally, as promised - the winner of White Verandah's very first giveaway .......

Congratluations Deb @ Let's go Moerkabout!!! 

(email me!!)

Thanks to everyone that commented for their chance to win! Stay tuned for another one soon xxxxx

Melissa xx


  1. omg alice is absolutely gorgeous, those big blue eyes :) Congrats again treen

  2. Love those pics with Alice what a lovely day we had xxxx

  3. Oh all those images made my heart go flip flop a million times...just so precious : ) good skills lovely x


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