Wednesday, October 19, 2011

painting today

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The last two days the painters have been puttying up all the little holes in the architraves and skirting boards and masking up all the windows...They should have started painting yesterday but we had some hold ups - wrong doors, not enough nosing for my window trims, and the poor carpenter under the pump to get everything finished!

And today, on this glorious day, they are painting the ceiling and undercoating all the timber.. Then over the next couple of days they will be painting the walls. Mr Right was at the house last night cleaning up and when he got home he commented that the house really looks like a house now - doors, architraves, skirting boards.... 
And I know the paint will make an even bigger difference!

I am madly trying to pack for our girls trip to Tasmania and will only have photo updates sent across the water from Mr Right, as the paint goes onto the walls... I am super excited about what it will look like when i get home!

Tiles next... All chosen, ordered and delivery date set.
Tiler ready to go when the paint is dry.

I thought last night - it may sound as though everything is running smoothly...It hasn't! But that's a post for another day. The last two days I have been back and forth to the house sorting out little issues - nothing is ever easy! When it gets to this point in building - it is all the finer details that make it tricky..

Anyway - I am off for a couple of days to soak up everything that Tassie has to over with some girlfriends and recharge the batteries. Good timing I say - it has been a big week! When I get back it will be time to start thinking about packing, the verandah will hopefully be starting and tiling ready to go...

i hope your enjoying the sun today 

Melissa xxxxx

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  1. Oh Melissa I'm so excited for you - so much happening all at once!

    It sure looks like a house to me - a beautiful, beautiful one.

    Have a wonderful Tassie trip with the girls, I hope everything goes smoothly "back at the ranch" whilst you're away!



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