Wednesday, October 5, 2011

floorboards are down..

Every stick Mr Right and I moved into the house by hand
Lounge - all finished....
standing in the dining room - looking through the lounge
Standing in the lounge - looking through to Kitchen/dining
Entry into lounge..
girls wing hallway
kitchen into butlers pantry, laundry door to left
kitchen x

The floors are down and I couldn't be happier!

We were supposed to be hanging doors, skirts and arcs this week however had a little hold up due to the door place having a strike - aaarrgghhh!! Corinthian doors couldn't get them to us for weeks and we all know there is NO WAY I was going to wait weeks....

So back to the drawing board we went, changed doors (oh, these doors have given me headaches!), changed suppliers, even made a few little changes to archs and skirts while I was at it... and they will be here Friday!

Next week - hanging of the doors, skirts and archs. I am super excited about the skirts...
All 180mm of them ...

Should look something like the above.....

Then painting next - color choice time........

Hope your enjoying the sunshine x


  1. LOVELY!! That view of the fireplace with the gorgeous doors on either side leading outdoors is beautiful. You have such great taste! x

  2. Thanks Amanda x It really is a gamble when you build - I hope it all comes together ok x


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