Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year - new love

This pic has been saved on the laptop for sooo long - waiting for 2011

A new year - and so many new loves to love and do (or try to)
  •  Exercise more because i love how it makes me feel
  • smile more - ditto
  • build our new house and have something like the kitchen above and something like the big thick folder of pictures that i have been collecting
  • have a new veggie patch and chooki coup at the new house
  • settle my little baby into her first year of school
  • nurture and build my big girls flourishing self esteem and confidence
  • Expand my new little business
  • live and love more in the moment
  • spend more time with my family doing things we love- fishing, camping and exploring together
  • do my photo albums and videos
  • craft more & sew more with the girls
  • eat organically - back to basics - hunt and gather
  • have more picnics
  • say "yes" more
  • improve my photography - a new camera may help - hint hint - lovely hubby if your reading this xx
  • try to become more resourceful and less involved in consumerism
  • breathe really deeply and appreciate the loveliness that surrounds me every day
  • Read more
Wow - what a list...It seems as though 2011 has been coming for some time. It will be an exciting year for us - building , moving, continuing to become immersed in the community that surrounds us.....I am really going to suck this year dry for all it has to offer - love and live in the moment and enjoy the abundance that we have been blessed with. I downloaded the "love the moment" calender from the beafunmum.com blog today and will start right now - today's task is - get down to your child's level and smile for no reason....

Happy new year to all - happy goal setting

Melissa xxx


  1. That's a fantastic post and a fantastic list. Just perfect. Rachaelxx

  2. I love your Blog GREAT reading xx

  3. I love your resolutions, ALL of them.


  4. Thanks ladies - now for the hard part - keeping them!!

  5. Well written, looking forward to sharing some of these great times with you, love the LONG list (looks like mine) bring on 2011 xxxx


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