Friday, December 2, 2011

busy days

Were getting there! 
The floor sander is busy sanding away today and the floors with be coated and finished by next week..
The kitchen tiling needs to be completed in the next week or so...

The electrician is hopefully finishing today..

 painters all finished...

The windows, doors, architraves and skirts are all glossed up in Wattyl White Delight
Window coverings ordered and being made ready for install just before we move..

Wardrobes and shelves all fitted out...
This is the store room/linen cupboard

Tiling complete and plumbing almost done...The bath and basin plugs just needs to be finished...
Still making a decision on the mirrors... Perhaps a standard large mirror or perhaps a feature mirror...?? Mmmmm, what would you do?

Verandah has started and if the weather behaves we could have deck in less than 2 weeks just in time for the plumber to put the hot water service on before we move in... Yes, moving in-fingers crossed within the next couple of weeks...
The boys will continue to work on the verandah, man cave will be clad next week and painters working outside but this little chicken is not that patient - so in we move for Christmas...

Oh and we have a new addition to our family. Meet Scout....An innocent trip to the pet shop, a car trip home that involved two little girls crying and begging, puppy eyes from the three girls of the house when we got home, and the daddy agreed... 
Back we went to the pet shop....

Sorry about the lack of posts - naughty computer just would not cooperate..

More photos to come...

Oh and Christmas is coming so I've heart just races at the thought of the next four weeks...but in a good way..... *sigh* Its here, moving day is nearly here...

Melissa xx


  1. The house is looking amazing mel, a very busy couple of weeks ahead....hope you move in before christmas :)

  2. Scout is such a cutie, early christmas present? The house is coming alond beautifully, I think I would go for one large frameless mirror in the bathroom and leave it up to the towels etc to jazz it up.

    Good luck with getting done before christmas;)

  3. Oh my goodness, I was wondering if you were moving in before Christmas. How wonderful! And I LOVE Scout, what a cutie. So, you decided to get one! You won't regret it, dogs are wonderful. Regarding the bathroom mirror, I like plain, bevelled edge ones. I have feature ones in my main bathroom and hate them! Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  4. Hi Melissa
    Not long to go now & you have just successfully built my dream country house!! I only get to fantasize & blog but you to get to live the dream!
    Congrats on building a gorgeous house - I look forward to the finished results!

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Everything looks beautiful. I can only imagine how lovely your home will be when everything is completed. Love all the white! Stunning. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your follow also. Warmest Regards,

    Kim. x


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