Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Kitchen

White Verandah has been a hub of activity in the last week....
Tiling, painting, electrical work, plumbing ( I have toilets and showers!), wardrobe fitout, window covering measure.......
I have not taken many photos because there have been lots of tradies in and out and it has been a mess..
I have been feeling a little edgy with so many tradies coming in and out, now that she is all painted up and the kitchen is ready to go, a few dings can happen here and there - which i am sure is completely normal but nevertheless hard to watch...nail biting...
So in the mean time here are the kitchen pictures I took the other day to tide us over until I can get in over the next couple of days to snap the progress...

Oh.. the urges one must fight not to grab a chux and give that baby a wipe over....

kitchen light fitting sneak peak, it snuck into the photo....
They are not hanging yet, but should be suspended by the end of this week....Squuueeelllll.

mmm. dead blow flies aplenty on window sills - it's killing me..

The daddy and I unwrapped all the floors tonight and vacuumed the whole house..It was joy to see the floor again...probably the only time I will EVER say that vacuuming this floor was a joy.. There is little dust left, all ready for the crew of painters required tomorrow to gloss up all my favourite bits- skirts, archs, doors, mud room cabintry...

The trees... *sigh*

Thanks again Simon and Co for delivering what I had envisaged - there is just so much love for it...

 Grateful much xxx

Oh and a warm welcome to White Verandah's newest likers and thanks for being here to the ol' faithfuls x

Melissa x


  1. So loving your house. Tamara xx

  2. Wow, the kitchen is looking fab. Love the beautiful big windows catching all your views. KP

  3. What a stunning kitchen. I can't wait to see it all unfold F x

  4. I feel the same as you do I think when I look at those trees. The kitchen is glorious. As always, can't wait to see more..Rachaelxx


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