Wednesday, December 14, 2011

moooooving day .....

Well, it is almost upon us...moving day..
White Verandah has had tradies all over the place during the last week finishing off:
* lights, hot water services, heating and cooling, cladding the garage, VERANDAH.... yes, it has started and by Saturday I will have half the deck down, just in the nick of time for moving, plumbers, painters...again, etc..

I'm not sure how much time I will have for posting here over the next hectic week or so, so thought i'd post some pics of the finished floor... I'm super dooper happy with the finish..

Here's the kitchen pendants... Not complete in this picture..but you get the idea. I snuck down to the house last night just to turn them on - delighted!!

I had some help in the form of my gorgeous aunty yesterday, two like minded Sadie the cleaning ladies hard at work, making the new abode sparkle... No more building and sanding dust... Thanks for your help my sweet pea x

Thanks to all for your well wishes for the move, must be off to keep stuffing boxes....
My mumma is packing up her bags and heading our way Friday to roll up her sleeves for the weekend and join in the excitement ( and terror) of moving... Thanks mumma x

Will be back as soon as I can manage...have not even attempted to think about Christmas.. Shopping from scratch and organising the Christmas Day feast and big family sleepover at White Verandah will just have to wait until next week... Bring on the vino's and full belly of plum pudding in our new home.....pinch me now.

Melissa xx


  1. OMG that is looking amazing! Can't wait to see it all. Do you have a floor plan I can peek at? x

  2. Melissa it's just all so exquisite! Merry Christmas lovely lady to you and your lovely family, you've earned it!!

  3. How exciting all the best with unpacking and setting up for Christmas. It will be great to fire the place up with all the Christmas festivities with your family.

    Mum's and Aunties are unreal at helping with all the cleaning up of builders dust and unpacking. I would've been lost without mine too.

    Melissa, what beautiful surroundings to enjoy the vino and the yummy Christmas food.

    Lou ; )

  4. WOW! Am sooo excited for you!!! Santa can't top this can he?!!!!
    The pictures look amazing and I love the half child in one! Gorgeous!
    xxxx KL

  5. I can't wait to see some photos of everthing once you've moved in - it's all looking amazing, especially those floors! Wonderful your
    mum is able to give you guys a hand with the moving.

  6. nice, looking great and right on schedule!

  7. Congratulations! It looks fabulous. All the best with moving and settling in.

    TDM xx

  8. It looks gorgeous. I love the floors, your kitchen and especially those fantastic kitchen pendants. Wow. I hope the move goes well and it will all be worth it when you are in and can enjoy your first Christmas in your lovely home F x

  9. I am so happy for you! You've followed your dream and now here it is in reality! Very well done and a big congratulations. The house is so, so gorgeous, my dream house..sigh.. I loved your last few posts too. Particularly the wordless weekending (I might have to do that too) and the girl power post. You must be a very proud mummy. Rachael xx

  10. Looks stunning...good luck with the move & Xmas preps!


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