Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We are in!

Sitting at the computer in the study..

I am still pinching myself - when I wake up , when I eat at the table, when I cook in my new kitchen and when I tuck my babies in at night....

We are finally here... After a huge weekend of moving, I am still unpacking and finding things but on the whole, we have basically everything moved and unpacked..
A huge thankyou to my ever helpful mumma for spending the weekend with us and most of all making my butlers the pantry and kitchen the most organised spaces ever!! Thanks for the depths of our hearts mummy - I can assure you we will not be going anywhere in a hurry - no more moving!!

The builders are still banging away outside and will be for some time but I am at peace...
The verandah deck has three sides on it and the boys will be back just after Christmas to start building the actual verandah... And then paint time..

The garage is complete - roller doors being installed Thursday..

I still have not started Christmas shopping, etc but I am strangely at peace... I cant even bring myself to go to the supermarket yet, I just want to be here, breathing it in, sorting, fluffing, placing bunches of flowers and being together....

Be warned Christmas guests - we may not have any food Christmas day but we will have a completed deck, an amazing view and sunshine to enjoy!

Thankyou so much for all the well wishes for the move... It was as painless as it possibly could have have been..

I hope you all have an incredibly Merry Christmas - enjoying good food & company...

Take care - Melissa xxx


  1. Hi Melissa,
    I have been a silent stalker up until now :) I just wanted to say congrats on making it into your beautiful new home. i hope you have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy the new digs with your fam xx

  2. Melissa, I'm having the most God - awful day, week, Christmas lead up imaginable. Tonight is the worst. There were tears. I cannot tell you how your post has lifted my mood - it's so good to feel the tangible joy inbetween every single word of your post. Enjoy!!!
    x to you & your family, KL

  3. HI Melissa,
    Your house looks lovely, and a similar out look to ours with the big figs.
    THe kitchen is stunning, quite similar to mine so you must have great tast
    Looking forward to seeing more.
    I am going to finish some painting and doing up the kids bedrooms in January, and will get back to my blog. Have been very slack.

    Hope you enjoy Christmas in your new home.

  4. What a wonderful view you have! I'm so glad it all went smoothly and you are in and settled. I know exactly what you mean about that contented feeling and wanting to stay put. Enjoy your first of many Christmases in your new home F x x

  5. The best Christmas presents for you guys xxxx can't wait to christen the deck with you xxxxx

  6. Congratulations to be finally in. I am looking forward to more photos.

  7. Oh my goodness, look at that verandah and view! Well done for getting in before the big day, how exciting! Have a wonderful Christmas, look forward to seeing more pics of your gorgeous home in the new year..Rachaelxx

  8. I am SO happy to see you finally in your beautiful home. I can't imagine how happy you all must be in your gorgeous White Verandah - can't wait to see more pics!! x


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