Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christmas has been and gone... I didnt have a chance to post before now.. But here are a few pics of our Christmas Day...


 Our Christmas table where we stuffed our bellies as full as they could go..

a Christmas corner.

Crafting on Christmas Day, inspired by Soule Mama

playing dress ups with uncle dion

Christmas Twister with nan.

lots of baby Alice lovin..

and a big Boxing Day family bash

Since Christmas we have been taking time out to do alot of this.... swimming, planting, unpacking - still..., playing, rediscovering toys that have been packed away, building the clothes line and spending time with friends..

Tonight we will bring in 2012 with friends on the deck of White Verandah..I am usually well organised with some resolutions and plans for the new year, but I have not had too much time to even comprehend this year ending let alone whats in store for next year.....but here goes off the top of my head:

* Project manage the completion of the outside of the house, White Verandah...The two most important parts to come so she can live up to her name - the verandah and painting the exterior
* exercise more - wasn't very successful at that this year, but just unpacking all our gym equipment over the past couple of days has me inspired - its a start!
* live in and speak my truth
* read an inspiring book - any suggestions?
* try to repurpose & reuse instead of want and need more things
* create my new veggie patch
* take a family and friends camping trip to central Australia and experience the red dirt
*use the caravan alot more when the weather is fine.
* be organised enough that I can walk the girlies to school and enjoy the sunny mornings together
 * love more (this one's for you Therese...) You know that love is the key to happiness... more love = more happiness.. spread the love...x
* make this house more into our home aka fluffing the nest..
* continue to blog our journey...

I am sure there are more...I'll have to let you know any others I think of...

So my friends, Happy New Year to you all...May it be safe and filled with fun, laughter and good friends.

Thank you for your friendships, blog love and comments you have freely given over the past 12 months..I look forward to your comments and thank you for continuing to share our journey that is White Verandah....

Until 2012...Melissa xxx


  1. What a lovely Christmas day. I can't believe you are so organised so soon after moving in. Well done. Happy New Year. Deb

  2. Merry christmas and happy new year mel, you have had a huge 2011 with building and moving into your dream home. I am sure 2012 will be just as exciting - if not more.

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas photos. Your new home is decorated so nicely for the day - what a stunning tree! Your list for the new year sounds like a great one. As for a good read, 'Tuesdays With Morrie' is an inspirational one. Looking forward to more blogging along together in 2012 xx

    P.S Your bar stools are stunning, where did you find them?


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