Monday, December 5, 2011

floor progress..

 I snuck into the house on friday and snapped a couple of pics on my i phone as the floor sander/polisher was putting some undercoat kind of stuff on the floors. 
This is the girls lounge/rumpus room...
( the french doors are still a gorgeous yellow undercoat as the door furniture needs to be fitted before they can be glossed up in white)

 He was literally still rolling them as I snapped as you can see this is a half finished Amelia's room

We decided to go the all natural and low allergy option of tung oil rather than polyurethane. This will ensure we have a very low gloss, environmentally and allergy friendly,  easy to maintain floor. We really love the matt look timber floor and would have even left it natural if that was allowed... With the tung oil, if it scratches you can apparently sand back the scratch by hand and just touch up one spot or even one room and it easily blends back in with the rest of the floor without having to sand and re lacquer the entire house - sounds good to me.. Even though we are really not precious about timber floors - the more knocks and scrapes the better...character we say!

The floor sander will be in the house for the next few days finishing off...
I really should be packing.... but i just cant pry myself away from Pinterest at the moment...
Planning, dreaming & gathering inspiration for each room...

Melissa xx


  1. Oh good lord, it's looking fantabulous!!! I am so excited for you! What a super sweet Christmas Pressie, your dream home, it doesn't get much better! Enjoy & Merry Christmas to y'all X

  2. Hi Melissa, sorry I haven't popped by as often as I'd like to lately. Am having a little catch up now. I love your floorboards, they're gorgeous and the tung oil you've gone with sounds like a good choice. I'm so excited for you as everything is really coming along now!! x

  3. Wow they look fantastic Mel, moving in will b the best xmas present ever xxxxx

  4. The floors look fantastic! Hope it is all coming together and you get to move in as planned before Christmas F x


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