Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kitchen tap love....

I stared at her today and sighed, like she was a new addition to the family...
Yes... you can see water in the sink, it works, water actually flows from this beauty...
I had chosen the Perrin & Rowe Ionian tap which looks like this:

  and ordered the butlers sink without a tap hole, as I was going to have the tap installed into the stone behind the sink.

Lesson number 306 in my owner builder advice.....measure, measure and measure.... Remember how I shared that the feature nosing (ledges) on the windows were a last minute addition... clearly an impulsive one led by the heart and not by the head... 

This gorgeous little ledge meant that the tap did not fit in the stone behind the sink... Oh well.... Plan B : 1. find a stone mason that was willing to drill a hole in the butlers sink or send it back interstate where it came from...thankfully a said stone mason was found - thankyou!! and 2. choose another tap - introducing the Perrin & Rowe Picardie in pewter complete with white porcelain handles that fits perfectly into the newly drilled hole..  *sigh*...

So that's her.....my baby... Oh how i cant wait to wash some vegies here...

You can also just see in this last photo my nifty little bench bin complete with chooki bucket under bench in the corner...

Now.....splashback choice...I had initially thought glass for the ease of cleaning..Think i have changed my mind though - too modern...bought some samples of little square travertine tiles but think i may just go white tiles??

Can there be too much white?? No , didn't think so, or is that just me??

Excuse the dark photos...they were taken during a rainy patch..

Thanks for visting

Melissa xx


  1. Love Love Love your sink & choice of tapware. Perrin & Rowe have such a gorgeous selection - I bought my kitchen tap from there over a year ago now - and we dont start building until February 2012....

  2. Divine melissa. Divine. And the tap looks fantastic!
    x KL

  3. Thanks ladies - oh how I have dreamt of one of these taps !!! Im in love !

  4. *Sigh*. Gorgeous - just perfect for your lovely country home!

  5. You can NEVER have too much white !
    Love the tap , before we even put our new tap in I would lovingly take it out of the box & say it was singing to me.........

  6. LOVE the tap you've gone with! Perfection! And what a great idea that chook bucket is :)

  7. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll likely be coming back to your posts Shower Heads


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