Wednesday, November 2, 2011

kitchen lights

I have very few choices left to make now for the house and have left an all important one very late - procrastinating, too much choice, confusion - not sure but whatever it is needs to stop and a decision needs to be made pronto.. that's where you lovely bloggy buddies come in - help please!!

I need to choose two feature pendant lights to hang over the island bench in the kitchen.

You cant see the little holes that have been cut out in these pictures but they will hang just either side of the middle rangehood section

So, considering the white, white, white and more white - what do you think of the following choices??

 freedom industrial light?
 freedom broom woven grass pendant
 Ikea Ottava pendant?
 Ikea brushed stainless pendant?

cape cod designs gorgeous french glass lights??

Cape cod designs maritime pendant?

 freedom webb tapered pendant??

 Schots pendant??

Recollections pendant??

shiny Recollections pendant??

 Your expert feedback and opinion would be so greatly appreciated - I truly am decisioned out. I always thought I would go with the maritime pendant but the Daddy is not so keen....and as much as I love them I think the woven pendant may be the wrong coloring??

Also, it is important not to block the view out of the kitchen windows....If you have any other suggestions please fire away!! the voice of a desperate woman.......

Thanks xx 



  1. Love your kitchen. I like the Cape Cod french light or the Schots pendant. It's great that you are down to the fun decisions!! xx

    p.s With lighting if you don't have screens on the windows you'll have to consider the bug factor and how they always settle into light fittings.

  2. Ok - I am here to help!
    Firstly, the Ikea ones are totally dodgy quality - don't go there in your beautiful new kitchen! Every man and his dog has those brushed steel ones and they're not much chop (in my opinion)!
    Secondly, LOVE the glass cape cod ones, possible favourite. Also keen on the Schot's one (we REALLY contemplated those for above our kitchen island) and also like the shiny Recollections pendant.
    Thirdly, try Barnlight Electric in the US - amazing website, you will have to use an international shipping service like Bongo but we did that for our bathroom light we got from them and our electrician wired it in because it was a bit different to a standard Aus one. But if you get the PERFECT light it's worth it ;)
    And finally, we eventually decided on the white warehouse pendants from Designer Lights, white because our kitchen is so dark ;) and totally affordable, great shape and metal so still industrial, and from Sydney so reasonably 'local'.
    Hope that helps and doesn't totally confuse/overwhelm!

  3. Cape Cod Maritime or Schots....leaning to Schots. Oh how I love that store!


  4. Schots or Cape Cod French Glass, if you're concerned about distracting from the view.

    TDM xx

  5. Hi love wow kitchen looks amazing what tough decisions u have I love the Schots pendant an shiny recollections the best, good luck choosing I'm sure u will make a great choice u have great taste xxxxxxxx

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