Monday, November 14, 2011

We have stone...

a full audience to watch the island bench stone being installed..
I am over the moon with how the stone has come up and I just cant wait to cook in that kitchen!! Thanks Simon and Co for all your hard work on the kitchen and cabinetry - could not be happier with the end result....
bathroom benches with basin..

our bath arrived
and the roof was finished on the man cave...
laundry trough in place...
little chook snacking away on the mower after daddy mowed the lawns...
full frontal..

The last week has been chaotic again, trying to coordinate everyone so that we can mooooovvee!! I am growing more and more impatient excited by the day as the light is finally at the end of the tunnel..

The plumbers,tiler and electrician are madly working away...
I picked up all the taps, toilets, etc for them to be installed today and may have squeeled a little when I laid eyes on my kitchen tap.. It was being fitted when I visited the house this morning - so pictures will be coming very soon..

Naturally there have been some issues with getting everything right for the plumbing fit off - basins arriving with no waste, wrong size waste, missing things from the order, etc, etc.. But hopefully it will be all sorted by the end of today and all the taps, basins will be in place...

Pictures to come...

Melissa x


  1. You must have been very excited.

    Kitchen is taking shape in a big way now. You will be cooking up a storm before you know it.

    Lou ; )

  2. Oh very nice indeed. I love the white laundry trough, an inspired choice. The edges on the bathroom look lovely.

  3. Thanks ladies, so close yet so far ... *sigh*

  4. Oh! Melissa, I am so jealous. What a gorgeous kitchen you have and bath, and windows and everything!!!! I am so excited for you :)

    Kel x


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