Friday, November 18, 2011

littlest muffins birthday

Our littlest muffin has just turned six....such a cliche' but the years have just flown... I think I may have even said that last year, but i guess it is a mothers prerogative to say it every single year we watch our littlest and dearest grow...

 early birthday morning, bed hair, unwrapping, cuddles, kisses and smiles...
 special treats to share with school buddies...
splatted little ice cream cake creations
Not exactly how they looked in the picture but ever so tasty..
I'll post a little how to for these - fun to make but a little tricky

 birthday girl providing some pre dinner entertainment for the family
 self chosen special outfit for reading with poppy... Well poppy started reading to the birthday girl, but she soon took over..
 after dinner, we headed outside to fly poppy's little helicopter, which last all of mmmm 5 minutes before the birthday girl flew it way above the trees and into the paddock across the road..
 we waited for poppy and daddy to find it......they didn't..

so a back up plan of some gymnastics/cheer leading moves that poppy has made a habit of every single visit put smiles back on their faces - including poppy's..
(featuring another self chosen ensemble of nightie and socks?? - her fashion sense is......eclectic..)

 I wonder at what age poppy will be able to sustain this tradition until?

Happy birthday our little sweet cheeks

We love you buckets full

Mummy xx


  1. Hello! I've just loved reading all your recent posts. This one is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your 6 year old! The photos are great, I love the cheerleading! And your goodness, just that shot tells me it's going to be my dream kitchen, with my dream view! Can't wait for more. Rachaelxx

  2. Hi mel

    what a gorgeous sunset, looks like the birthday girl had loads of fun. John is looking well, hasnt changed a bit over the years.

    Hope your well :)

  3. Thanks Rachael, I agree - I think we have very similar taste, especially after seeing your recent post about your kitchen :)

    Thanks Kelly, all smiles over here, hope your great :)

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful 6 year old girl! What a special day for all of you.

    Kel x

  5. Lovely post - what a gorgeous age - mine just turned sixteen 2 weeks ago. They're not nearly as much fun at that age - she spent her birthday dinner texting under the restaurant table but didn't feel like telling her off on her birthday!

  6. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl - she has such a glowing smile and looks like such a happy cherub x


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