Friday, October 1, 2010

House Update

Just a quick update on the house stuff -

  • Septic permit granted in a record week and a half!!!
  • Received preliminary house plans today - so great to see the front elevation!! A few little tweaks to make however looking fabulous... I am insistent on making sure both girls have a gorgeous window seat in their bedrooms (just like the one above - not sure of source), hubby and draftsman are sick of hearing about it but i will have two very happy little girls and a happy mummy when its done :)
  • Owner builder paperwork completed and posted
  • Draftsman employed to draw up the garage
Now just to finalise these plans, then off for a building permit..... woo hoo we have movement....

The resident Mr Rat at the farmhouse will be happy to have his home back to himself - this is the reason why i am hoping for a quick build!!!

Melissa xx

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